Eating Like a Local in Prague

Masa Mesic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Vinohradsky Parlament 

Vinohradsky Parlament is located in the beautiful neighbourhood of Vinohrady, right next to the Namesti Miru metro station. The restaurant has a rather modern décor with very traditional Czech dishes. Czech specialities are prepared and served according to the season, including a variety of mushrooms, ribs and pork based dishes.

The restaurant offers a daily lunch menu consisting of a soup, main course and a dessert. Along with your food you can order Czech draft beer, or you might choose to try out the homemade soft & fizzy  drinks, which are made from fresh fruit. 

This place is also very "family and children oriented", as the restaurant includes a play area for kids, too. Adults have the possibility to watch and monitor their kids playing, with a mobile app, especially designed for that purpose. Now, how cool is that?!   

Picture © Credits to istock/jekurantodistaja

If you have some spare time after your traditional lunch, take the opportunity to walk around the Vinohrady neighbourhood and check out some of its attractions.   


Mincovna is located in Prague’s Old Town Square; although it is found in a prime tourist location, it is a rather local restaurant and popular amongst the domestic crowd. For that reason, be aware that it can be tough to find a free table at times. The building itself has also a history to it. Back in the 18th and 19th centuries, coins used to be "coined" in this building.    

Picture © Credits to restauracemincovna

For the locals the place is special for its Czech cuisine, and modern interior with an authentic touch and wooden design. The place offers one of the best Moravian wines, and Czech Pilsner beer from the tank. Mincovna also offers a daily menu for the week, however you can always choose food from the regular menu, and its extended choice of specialities, such as goulash soup, sirloin steak, and duck.

Picture © Credits to istock/lisovskaya

Lokal u Bile Kuzelky (White Skittles)  

Enjoy a tasty lunch made of local Czech produce and freshly chilled draft beer, taken from the restaurant’s very own tanks. This traditional Czech place is located not far from Prague’s Old Town Square and other central attractions.

Picture © Credits to pragueeu

The interior of this place mirrors the style of Prague’s Old Town, as it is made from bricks, which give it a cosy, cave-like feel. It is the cellar that gives it a unique kind of ambience, especially as it fills up with people during the busier hours.

Picture © Credits to istock/kesu01

Like most other restaurants, this one also offers a daily lunch menu, and other specialities, such as schnitzel, steak tartar on garlic toast, a variety of Czech sausages, local Czech cheese, salads, as well as delicacies for our vegetarian friends. Don’t forget to save some space for traditional Czech desserts. 

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