Biking through Belgrade

Lejla Dizdarevic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Check out the best trails this weekend

In case you got really rusty this winter, as it seems that it has been lasting for ages (for me at least) then it is about time you read this article and started preparing the next trip. Around this time every year, if I find myself in Belgrade, I start taking out my beloved, red bike from the basement and getting it ready for the next season. Not only Dutch are famous for their biking habits. Check out all the trails and roads you can take by bike in Belgrade. Are you moving from the couch yet?

I have to admit that, from my early childhood, up until the late teenage years, I have had a tradition with my father to go biking at least once per week. We would get up early, sometimes even skip coffee and breakfast and start biking to the first stop, where we would usually enjoy some Turkish coffee and traditional Serbian cuisine. In Belgrade, it is not that common to ride a bike at the street, but if you are careful enough it can still work perfectly. Luckily, I live nearby Bus and Train Station, so it is easy for me to start the tour there and make the first stop at Usce, the place where rivers Sava and Danube collide. Apart from the breath-taking nature, fresh breeze and glorious water, the place offers an array of spots for relaxation. After having a well-deserved break, we would keep going.

One way is to take a road to 25. maj, another trail by the Sava river, where apart from a hiking and biking tour you may found a newly renovated pool, which is a great way to relax and refresh during the summer days. Another way is to take a route towards Zemunski Kej (Zemun's Quay) the most glorious trail located on the right banks of the river Danube. The huge trail borders with Novi Sad and Usce. Apart from the most amazing nature and great biking routes, Zemunski Kej also has plenty of interesting facilities such as an amusement park, hotels, restaurants, cafes and many more.

My favorite destination when biking, and the place my father and I almost always somehow ended is Ada Ciganlija, the artifical lake, also known as the Belgrade Sea. There we would almost spend the whole day, relaxing at the beach, having a nice swim after hiking and enjoying the nature. Ada Ciganlija offers numerous beautiful biking tours, apart from the regular one that is around lake. Usually, it took us one hour to make the whole circle around lake, but we always wanted to explore the other routes that lead into the beautiful nature. After that, you can always finish your tour towards the city center and Kalemegdan park, or pass by more crowded Knez Milos street.

And there you have it, several options of biking routes that you can choose when deciding to explore Belgrade. I would warmly recomend you to take your bike, or rent one at very affordable price, and start the journey around the city. Then you will be able to see not only the main part, but also beautiful nature and some hidden spots. Of course, stay tuned for more upcoming inspiration.

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