A walk through Knez Mihailova, heart of Belgrade

Lejla Dizdarevic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Walk through memory lane

This is a place that has to be lived, and not only seen. An embraced lifestyle of never ending adventures. A metaphor that becomes your way of living, even only for a few days while visiting. If you feel like sensing Belgrade at its core, then Knez Mihailova Street, its heart and soul, full of poethical spots is the perfect beginning. Join me on this amazing walk.

I always smile when I look back on my childhood moments, the happiness I felt whenever my parents were taking me along Knez Mihailova. I wasn't only excited because I knew I would get vanilla ice cream or popcorns, with which I would feed the never full birds. I always loved those long walks as it seemed that no matter what was happening, we would all be at ease, happy together. This is the place where I have always felt as the Belgrade born. By looking at all those beautifuly preserved old buildings, I can never help but wonder about the past times and the people who were walking on this street decades and centuries before me. I am sure you would think so too, as you would feel very much embraced by this city vibe.

Since as far as I can remember, this has been one of my favorite spots in Belgrade. No matter what time of the day you have decided to have a walk through Knez Mihailova, it is never a mistake. This oldest and the most important street of Belgrade not only testifies the rich history of the former town of Singidunum, but also the liveliness of the people. There is not a single moment of the day or night when the street is empty, believe me. Be it a Sunday quiet morning coffee and breakfast, Saturday afternoon shopping time, chillout meeting spot after working day, Friday night pre-drinks and party, you will always have a memorable time.

Named after Mihailo Obrenovic III, Prince of Serbia, build primarily as the shortest connection between the fortress Kalemegdan and the city, the street features a number of buildings and mansions, that despite all these time preserved, its authentic look. No wonder Knez Mihailova has been named as one of the most beautiful pedestrian zones in South East Europe and is a constant buzz of people and tourists. This street is definitely one of the best places to feel the pulse of the city.

Despite all the travels and living abroad, I always come back right in this street, just to walk around, observe people, listen to music, and really enjoy in the beautiful sights of all that harmony. I am not even taking pictures. Just put your phones down, forget about all your worries and really be there. Let yourself enjoy in the array of the incessant energy, intoxicating smells and glorious beauty. In case you might think I am very subjective, then I dare you to go and live it for yourself. I will bring you more tips and tricks to live Knez Mihailova to the fullest, so stay inspired!

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