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Why go to Dinant?

Welcome to the gorgeous city of Dinant. This city lies alongside the Meuse river. Known for beautiful architecture, long history, and surrounding nature, Dinant is a must-see. Dinant has been around since the 7th century. Looking good for it’s age, right? Even the name is pretty! Dinant comes from the Celtic for “Sacred Valley”. But Dinant is even more than a beautiful sight. The area has lots of great experiences for all types. Planning a trip to Belgium? Don’t miss out on Dinant!

What you need to know about Dinant

Beautiful castles

We all know Belgium has awesome castles. But Dinant is right in the middle of a bunch of ‘em. If you’re looking for a relaxing trip with stunning sights, Dinant makes a great starting point.

There are five castles less than 40 minutes away by car in every direction, plus even more further out! All have their own charm and are super picturesque, but we’re a fan of Vêves Castle.


Whenever you see a photo of Dinant, you’ll always see the Citadel. This iconic sight of Dinant is a must see! Once upon a time, all the way back in 1051, Dinant was officially fortified. What you see today isn't quite as old as that (Dinant has seen a lot of war, after all!) but it is very pretty. It’s an iconic sight for a season. The Citadel is 100m above the river, making it the best spot around for a city view. You can even get a cable car ride up or take the 400+ stairs.


We’re not just talking about regular nature reserves. Dinant is surrounded by stunning natural sights, plus interesting ones right in the city. One of the symbols of Dinant is Rocher Bayard, a rock of legend. If you’re getting to Dinant by car, you can drive through the rock for an epic entrance into the city. Wander a little ways out of the city to discover ancient caves and beautiful views of nature at Grotte la Merveilleuse and Parkfurfooz.

Leffe Beer

Leffe is one of the most popular beers in Belgium and it’s home is right here in Dinant. Leffe was first made in one of the local abbeys. While the process has been modernised and you can no longer find the makers here, you can get an important peek behind the scenes. Maison Leffe is a top must-visit for beer lovers. Explore the museum in the heart of Dinant to see the story behind this popular beer.


Getting There

By Car

Dinant is easily reached on the motorway (E19 and E411). The city is actually best reached by car if you’re already in Belgium as it tends to be faster and less of a hassle than going by train.

By Plane

There are three airports not too far from Dinant. The first is Brussels Airport, which has regular international flights landing in. You could also land in Charleroi or Liege but we recommend you hire or rent a car from there. From Brussels airport, it’s a 2 hour trip on the train or 1 hour 15 minutes by car.

By Train

Dinant’s railway station (Gare de Dinant) is served by trains IC, ICT, L and P. The IC trains are the fastest and come from the Brussels Airport, making it an easy journey of 2 hours and 20 minutes. From Namur, it’s a direct 30 minute train journey. From other cities, you’re looking at a more complicated but doable trip via the train. Dinant is about 2 hours and 40 minutes away by train from Antwerp, for example, with multiple train changes. Still, so long as you can get a train to Brussels or Namur you can get to Dinant easily.

Getting Around

On Foot

Dinant is a smallish city that is easily walkable with major attractions within walking distance.

By Bike

Dinant is pretty cyclist friendly, with many routes along the Meuse river and through the Citadel. Cycling and mountain biking is also popular in the region. Becson has a Mountain Bike and city bike rental shop in the heart of the city on Rue Alexandre Daoust 56. City bikes and mountain bikes are 15€ for a half day. Just outside of the city is another bike rental (Moss Bikes) that rent mountain bikes for 16.00€ for a half day.

By Car

A car is very useful to get around Dinant. You can drive into the city and park at Parking Place Albert 1er right by the river. Public transport to sights outside the city is limited, so unless you plan to bike or hike to castles all the time a car is your best bet.

By Public Transport

Dinant has a few bus stops in the city centre and nearby. There are a few bus or train stops near some interesting attractions such as Park Furfooz and various castles, but we generally recommend going by car.


Language: Walloon French
Emergency numbers: Police (urgent): 101 Fire, ambulance, police: 112

When to go

Best weather: May - Sep
Mar - July
Dates for your calender
Feb - Dinant Carnival
Jul - Dinant Jazz Festival

Maison du Tourism

Website: https://www.valleedelameuse-tourisme.be Address: Avenue Colonel Cadoux 8, 5500 Dinant, Belgium Phone: +32(82)22.28.70 Email: [email protected]

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