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Meet Durbuy

What you need to know about Durbuy

Beautiful castles

Durbuy might be known for having a pretty city centre, but there’s even more to see just outside of town. Bring along your camera, because Durbuy has some of the prettiest castles in Wallonia right on its doorstep. A 17th century castle is right by the river of the town. Drive a little ways further to discover a castle turned yoga escape at Château de Petite Somme. Belgium has many beautiful castles to see, so why not start your castle exploration in the world’s smallest city?

The great outdoors

Durbuy is in one of the prettiest regions of Belgium. There’s not many places in the country that can compete with all the sights granted by Mother Nature here. Durbuy is home to one of the biggest topiary parks in the world, Durbuy Topiary Park, that’s less than a 5 minute walk from the centre of town. Durbuy is also right next to the river Ourthe. It’s not an unusual sight to see trekkers and cyclists making their way down the river on an exploration of Durbuy and Luxembourg. Whether you just want to sit outside on a patio with a nice drink in the summer or go for a long walk, Durbuy has plenty for you.

Unusual sights

This charming town holds more secrets than you’d expect. Durbuy is full of history! Weird rocks and quirky shops are what it's all about. Just a 10 minute drive away is an archeological site and tomb, Dolmen of Wéris, where they’ve found stuff all the way back from the Romans. Coming to Durbuy for a nice walk? Trek your way over to Pierre Haina to discover a rock of local legend - the villagers still follow a local tradition here of painting the rock every year. Don’t come to Durbuy just expecting a pretty town! There’s plenty of unusual and wonderful things to see.

City Centre

Every trip to Durbuy needs to have a stroll around the city centre. Durbuy is loved for its French like city centre with cobbled streets, nice shops, and location right by the river Ourthe. Discover local food, clothes, and unique bars right in the city centre. While it’s an easy 5 minute stroll from one side of town to the other, when you actually take time to look it takes so much longer!


Getting There

By Car

Durbuy is a 1 hour and 40 minute drive from Brussels via the E411. It’s a pretty easy city to drive to. Durbuy is a 2 hour drive from Antwerp on the E411 and E19. There’s plenty of parking space in the city centre, but free parking at Pré Georis is a 20 minute walk away and also has a free shuttle bus service to the city centre in the summer.

By Train

The closest train station to Durbuy is Barvaux. The station is an 8 minute drive away from Durbuy, a 1 hour walk, or 20 minutes on the bike. There’s no regular bus from the station to Durbuy, but there is a shuttle bus at certain times.

By Bus

There is a shuttle bus to Durbuy from Barvaux station in June to September at the weekends, everyday in July to August, and on some holidays. See further information here. There is a regular bus stop in the city centre where bus 11a stops as well as a few other bus stops just outside the city. Depending on where you’re coming from, it can be tricky to reach Durbuy by bus and you may have to switch buses or trains sometimes.

Getting Around

On Foot

Walking is the easiest way to get around Durbuy. It’ll take you around 5 minutes of strolling to get you from one side of Durbuy to the other.

By Bike

Durbuy is quite small and more of a pedestrian town, so cycling in the city isn’t super popular. However, mountain biking is pretty popular in the area. The nearest bike rentals are Fahrradverleih Palogne (20 minute drive away) and The Bike Zone (30 minute drive away).


Language: Walloon French
Emergency numbers: Police (urgent): 101 Fire, ambulance, police: 112

When to go

Tourism season: Jul - Sep, Nov
Best weather: May - Oct
Dates for your calender
Apr - Durbuy Rock Festival, Symposium
Sep - Beer Festival
Oct - Durbuyssimo

Tourism Office

Durbuy Tourisme

Website: https://durbuytourisme.be

Address: place aux Foires 25 B-6940, Durbuy

Phone: 0032(0)

Email: [email protected]

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