Where to find unique souvenirs in Yerevan? - Vernissage

Lusine Vardanyan | Live the World

November 23, 2022

While traveling to different countries, you always want to buy some souvenirs that will remind you of those sweet moments you had there. They can be small or big, cheap or expensive, handmade or factory-made. The Vernissage is the place where you can find unique souvenirs in Yerevan. Here, you can buy some presents for your friends, family and why not for yourself as well.

Vernissage is an open-air market in Yerevan. In the 1980s, the artists of Armenia were organizing the exhibits of their artworks in different parks of Yerevan. At some point, it was moved to the Aram and Buzand streets, and since then, it is there to represent the arts and crafts made in Armenia for the travelers (though it is visited by the locals too). It is located in the heart of the capital city, not far from the Republic Square. Before, the market was open only on weekends, but now you can visit it also during the working days.

The market consists of separate pavilions that represent different traditional Armenian artworks. You may wish to stop by each pavilion and take pictures, as the things you will find in Vernissage are not common in other countries. Those who have been to Vienna will find it similar to the Naschmarkt. However, only the atmosphere is the same, while the items on the tables for sale are totally different.

We, the locals, say that if you are looking for something and can’t find it anywhere, just go to Vernissage. The thing is that here, you will not only find the newly made but also the old antique stuffs. Here, the crafts are made of wood, clay, random stones, etc. Besides that, there is a big selection of paintings done by different artists and the pavilions where people sell old books. Also, you will find the corners from where you can get Armenian musical instruments such as Dhol (double-headed drum), Duduk (double-reed woodwind instrument) and Shvi (fipple flute with a labium mouthpiece). In Vernissage, there are also available traditional handmade bags, socks, and costumes, as well as the jewelry. A huge area is occupied by the pavilions of Nard, which is a table-style board game for two players, like in the chess.

On the other hand, some sections are occupied by people who sell old and antique items that they inherited from their grandparents. Those can be the pieces of jewelry made of silver (the most impressive ones are the belts), as well as the tableware, carpets and many more.

In a few words, Vernissage is a place to be visited. I have never met a tourist or a traveler that did not stop by, either to buy something or to take pictures. Now you know where to find unique souvenirs in Yerevan.

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