The picturesque Alpine nature in Gozd Martuljek

Near the popular touristic town of Kranjska gora, there is a small settlement called Gozd Martuljek, translated as "Forest Martuljek", which is the perfect destination for a peaceful getaway in nature. There, you will be surrounded by the stunning Slovenian Alpine world with green woods, white mountains and picturesque waterfalls.

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One of the main activities in the village of Gozd Martuljek is livestock farming with mountain pasture, although tourism is also becoming more and more implemented and important. Among the leading facilities of the area is Hotel Špik, as well as other types of accommodation like small apartment houses and holiday homes. If you decide to choose Gozd Martuljek as your holiday destination, you should come prepared, as it is very likely that you will be doing a lot of walking while exploring the forests and hiking paths of the area. The most important thing is to have appropriate footwear, especially if you decide to visit one of the waterfalls. 

The magnificent Martuljek waterfalls 

There are two waterfalls in the area - one with a lower and one with a higher fall, both called Martuljški slapovi, or the Martuljek waterfalls. The village of Gozd Martuljek was also named after these waterfalls. Because of its uniqueness, this area was declared a landscape park in 1949, and in 1981, it became a part of the Triglav National Park. The bottom waterfall is about 29 meters high, forming a picturesque image together with the gorge. From there, a forest path will lead you to the more powerful and a 100 meters high waterfall. The route is generally not difficult, but in the vicinity of the waterfalls, the terrain becomes steep. So, caution is not superfluous. In the winter season, the waterfalls turn into icy curtains, becoming a natural wall for frozen waterfall climbing.

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In the wilderness 

For those who find a trip to the waterfalls too difficult or not of their interest, there are also many hiking and walking paths with different complexities, which you can take on. The Martuljek mountain chain rising above the settlement is a part of the Triglav National Park, the home of interesting legends and stunning lakes and mountains. The mountain range is also known as the Špik mountain range, named after its highest (2472 meters) mountain - Špik. The area is covered with marked forest trails and hiking paths, as well as unmarked areas for those searching for a bit of true wilderness. 

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The untouched Alpine nature in the forests and mountain range of the settlement Gozd Martuljek and its surroundings will feed you with fresh air, and the calmness of the place will give you a chance to relax completely. The destination is also perfect for a cool refreshment near the picturesque Martuljek waterfalls in the hot summer days. 

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