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Meet Slovenia

The unique guide

Slovenia upon first sight may seem too surreal to be true - majestic alpine mountains, glassy wide lakes, carved-out gorges and fairytale villages that border the Adriatic Sea and limitless nature. But it doesn't take long for any traveller to discover that Slovenia's beauty isn't only abundant, but also accessible and welcoming to everyone.

Nourishing nature meets friendly hospitality

From expansive snow-capped Alps that surrounds deep valleys, glassy emerald gorges, quaint historical towns and a slim coastline that boasts Venetian architecture on the Adriatic Sea, Slovenia encapsulates what a true Eden is. Located in Central Europe, the nature of this small country (that’s half the size of Switzerland!) is a treasure waiting to be explored. Wandering the streets of the capital city in Ljubljana, you’ll notice smiles aflutter. With how proud Slovenians are of their country, it’s easy for travellers to participate in traditions (like taking a shot of školjce - a homemade dried fruit schnapps) and getting to know Slovene heritage that are still well preserved.

Discover a true off-the-beaten-path

Part of the thrill in travel is discovering lands unknown. Though more and more in these times of overtourism, some of Europe’s stunning locales have been gentrified or forever changed from its roots. But one country that is against that grain, just slightly off the radar for most travellers is Slovenia. While it’s a small country in Central Europe, Slovenia’s often overlooked due to its more prominent neighbours like Italy and Croatia. This comes with a major silver lining, as travellers often find themselves exploring places that is seemingly unspoiled and still untouched in Slovenia. Within half an hour in any direction from Ljubljana, you can head out and uncover beauty that not many people know about.

Adventure all within reach

Slovenia is a wonderland for outdoor enthusiasts. For those who want to get their heart pumping or adrenaline kicking in, there’s an array of activities set amongst the backdrops of surreal beauty like snow-capped peaks and turquoise waters. From hiking the abundance of trails available all over the country, canoeing, cycling, mountaineering, fishing, kayaking, rock climbing, horseback riding to winter activities like skiing and snowboarding, Slovenia has it all. The cities weave their urban spaces with nature effortlessly while coastal towns are dotted with casual beach spots where locals frequent for a swim. If you want to switch up the pace, there’s always a leisure wellness experience in one of Slovenia’s many thermal-powered spas.

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Meet Slovenia

Curious about locally sourced traditional food and earthy wines from winemaking methods older than the Romans? Or what about an abundance of beauty in nature - like the Julian Alps and storybook lakes? Then Slovenia awaits as your next travel destination! In our guide, you will be able to find all the information you need for an upcoming trip to the Global Green Destination of Slovenia.

In a country where the outdoors need no introduction - what’s one thing that most people don’t know is that below the beauty is even more to uncover. Slovenia is home to over 8,000 caves! While only 20 are open to exploring due to safety. But if you ever wanted to kayak in an underground cave - that’s possible in Slovenia.

Slovenia was part of Yugoslavia for the majority of the 20th century until its independence in 1991. That makes Slovenia quite a young country, at just over 30 years old! It then joined the European Union in 2004.

One of the things we love about Slovenia is how enriching the wildlife is, given the surreal nature that is everywhere. From mythical dragons (adorned in crests and bridges) to real-life creatures, the country has a huge love for animals. Slovenia is where you can go on a bear-watching tour in a deep forest or spot a wild goat on your hike. Also, wherever you go in the country, artisanal homemade honey can be found nearly everywhere. It’s no surprise that 1 out of every 200 Slovenians are beekeepers!

Four major European geographic regions meet in Slovenia


The Alps


The Dinarides


The Pannonian plain


The Mediterranean

The administrative regions of Slovenia is divided into 12 statistical regions that each have something unique to offer.


Central Slovenia










Central Sava


Lower Sava


Southeast Slovenia


Littoral-Inner Carniola


Upper Carniola





Outdoor adventures

If you’re up for an adventure, there are several mountains you can summit (the tallest peak is Mount Triglav at 2,864 metres) along with a slew of well-marked hiking trails. Each step is a new perspective, shared with you in a country where the natural land are officially protected. Whatever your pace is, have it your way with Slovenia!

Cultural catch-up

Are you a wine lover? Here, wine is a daily part of life for the locals. There are three robust wine regions in Slovenia that have been making wine long before the Romans brought the nectar to western European countries like France and Spain. Slovenia also has their own spin of the traditional wines, with their special orange wine a must taste in the Western wine region.

When to go

Slovenia is truly a country for every season. Want to swim in the sea and have a Mediterranean holiday? The small coastal towns are bustling in the summer. Autumn is our favourite time in Slovenia - where the golden foliage comes in full burst with the nature. While the alps are prime for skiing and winter sport during the colder months. Whatever type of trip you want, Slovenia is made to be revisited throughout the year.

Tourist Season: Jun - Sep, Dec
Best Weather: Apr - Oct


Time-Zone: Central European Standard Time (CET)
Currency: Euros
Cost/Expense: $$
Languages: Slovene, Italian
Dates for your calender
Jan - New Year’s Day
Feb - Prešeren Day
Apr - Easter, Easter Monday, Day of Uprising Against Occupation (Worker’s Day)
May - Labour Day
Jun - Whitsun, Statehood Day
Aug - Assumption of Mary
Nov - All Saint’s Day
Dec - Christmas, Independence and Unity Day

Languages 101

While Slovene is the one of the official language, spoken by 2.5 million people, there are still 46 different dialects within it. Most of the people who speak Slovene resides in Slovenia. The other official languages of Slovenia are Italian and Hungarian, both due to the proximity of these countries to Slovenia.

Essential Slovene phrases

For travellers, English is widely-spoken, especially in the capital of the country, Ljubljana. Though in more remote areas of Slovenia, English isn’t as widely spoken. The locals will always light up when you use a few words in Slovene.

Speak the local language
Thank you
Hvala vam
Excuse me
I am looking for
What is this?
Kaj je to?
How do you say...?
Kako rečeš...?
How much?
My name is...
Ime mi je...
Where is the ATM?
Kje je bankomat?
Do you speak English?
Do you speak English?
I don’t understand
Ne razumem
What does that mean?
Kaj to pomeni?


Getting There

By Plane

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport is the main airport within the country and is a major international airport. The airport is only a few miles from Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital city.

By Train

All major towns have train stations. Smaller towns often have one too.

By Bus

Getting to Slovenia via the bus or coach is a super affordable option.

Getting Around

By Car

In Slovenia, people drive on the right side of the road and overtake the left.

When you’re driving in Slovenia, along with your license, it’s legally required that you also carry headlamp converters with you (unless your headlights can be adjusted). Make sure you have a warning triangle in your vehicle in case it break downs, then you’re required to use it.

By Public Transport

Slovenia has a solid public transport system. For travel within the country, Slovenia has a well connected railway system and you can get to pretty much anywhere by just a few connections. In the cities, You can stick to the buses.

On Foot

Going on foot is the easiest way to get around the cities. Use our map to find out what’s near you and walk or combine with the tram or metro for an easy, hassle-free day out.

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