Lakes, mountains and legends of Triglav National Park

Darja | Live the World

August 29, 2022

When you decide to travel to a certain country, one of the first and most important things you do is finding some facts and information about the country itself and the places, cities and other sights it has to offer. If your chosen country happens to be Slovenia, you will soon find out that this Central European country is covered by green forests, stunning mountains and lakes, nature reserves and small but beautiful coast. There are numerous destinations in Slovenia that will leave you impressed. If you are looking for something to really take your breath away, I would recommend visiting the Triglav National Park, or Triglavski narodni park. This is home of the highest Slovenian mountain called Triglav, unique animal and plant species, as well as gorgeous lakes that inspired many interesting myths and legends.

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There is an interesting old legend about the Triglav National Park. It says that there were once the good-natured women, called the white women, living and shepherding their sheep in the area of the park. The leader of the herd of sheep was a big, white buck, known as Zlatorog, whose golden horns held the key to a secret treasure. A young hunter from the Trenta Valley, who was in love with a beautiful girl, decided to prove his love to her by finding the secret treasure of Zlatorog and bringing it to her. He managed to find and shoot the animal, but it did not die, as the magical flowers, which have grown from the Zlatorog’s blood brought the animal back to life. He angrily threw the hunter from a precipice and then disappeared along with the white women. His secret treasure still remains hidden in the mountains below Triglav.

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There are many more stories and legends known about the Triglav National Park, which will enrichen your experience there. The best way to get to know this mountain paradise in northwest Slovenia is to explore it by yourself. If you decide to go hiking, you won’t run out of options, as the Triglav National Park is located in the heart of the Julian Alps, offering various hiking paths and remarkable views. If you are brave enough, you can even decide to conquer the highest Slovenian mountain - Triglav, and see if you have what it takes to become a true Slovenian.

Picture © Credits to: Janez Mencinger

The Triglav Lakes Valley, also known as the Seven Lakes Valley (Dolina sedmerih jezer), Lake Bohinj, the Vintgar Gorge and the river Soča, offering a perfect rafting experience, are just some of the many breath-taking places you will find when discovering this stunning part of Slovenia.

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So, if you enjoy spending your time outdoors and possess at least some passion for hiking, I can assure you that visiting even a small part of Triglav National Park and discovering its legends, myths, mountains and lakes won’t leave you disappointed and will only make you realize that we should protect and appreciate these hidden gems of nature.

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