The Obelisk in Minsk: a symbol of victory

Anano Chikhradze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Victory Square is located in the very center of Minsk. The Obelisk is the main sightseeing point in this square. As this monument is a symbol of victory for Belarusian people, you should know several important facts before visiting it in Minsk

A brief history of the Obelisk

During the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), Belarus was heavily involved in the fights against Nazi Germany. The country suffered several struggles, and that is why the capital became a city of heroes. Many monuments are connected to this fact, but the Obelisk is a distinctive one. This Victory Monument is dedicated to the memory of all the warriors, who have sacrificed themselves for the freedom of Belarus

The Obelisk is 38 meters high, and it is made out of the granite. It was constructed with the design of the architect Zagorski in 1954. It has four sides, where each side represents different topics of wars. At the base of the Obelisk lies the sword as a symbol of triumph. There are half-rounded houses around the monument that were constructed in the 1940s. On the roofs of these houses is a script: “All the heroes are immortal.”

Picture © Credits to iStock/bruev

The eternal flame and an underground passage

In 1961, near the monument, the eternal flame was lighted for a memory of all fallen soldiers during the Second World War. There is also an interesting underground passage under the monument, where you can see a rounded Memorial Hall, that was opened in honor of the heroes. In the center of the hall, there is a wreath that is made from the decorative glass. On the walls of the hall, you will see the boards on which the surnames of the soldiers are written. All of them have the title of the hero. You will find not only Belarusian surnames but also the names of heroes from different republics of the Soviet Union, who sacrificed themselves for the independence of the country. 

While walking there, you will notice the special atmosphere as people feel respect toward those soldiers. Every year, on May 9th, a traditional celebration is taking place near the monument to celebrate the victory over Nazi Germany. Apart from many visitors, veterans are also coming there, and they are decorating the Obelisk with the flowers. This place is very important for the locals, and it catches the attention of tourists as well.

Picture © Credits to iStock/Max_grpo

While in Minsk, do not miss the Obelisk that is a symbol of victory. As it is located on the main street, you will also enjoy walking towards Victory Square. Under this square, the Moscow line of Minsk metro passes, and it can be reached from the Memorial Hall as well. 

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