The Biltmore Hotel, a glass skyscraper in Georgia

Anano Chikhradze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

You will see many cozy hotels in Ge[orgia]( In this article, I will tell you about the new Biltmore Hotel, a glass skyscraper in Georgia. It is located in T[bilisi,]( and this building makes the city even more attractive. The Biltmore Hotel is the highest hotel in the Caucasus Region

History of the building

The Biltmore is a 5-star hotel that is built on the central street, Rustaveli Avenue. The building is interesting as it is a mix of a modern as well as the historical building IMELI, which serves as an entrance of the hotel. The word IMELI comes from the Russian language, and it is an example of the S[talin]( Socialist Classicism. The IMELI building was constructed in 1938. It was designed by Alexey Shchusev, and it was a branch of the Marx-Engels-Lenin Institute. From 1992-95, the Parliament of Ge[orgia]( was moved to this building, and from 1995 it served as the Constitutional Court. In 2011, the investors got permission from the Tbilisi City Hall to construct a 300-meter-high glass skyscraper, that now has a breathtaking architecture of the 19th-20th centuries, and it is connected to the IMELI building through a glass walkway. 

Picture © Credits to aquatarkus

The Biltmore Hotel Today

The Biltmore Hotel consists of 34 floors, from which the last two are reserved for a bar and restaurant. The Xeme restaurant is one of the best places for business meetings or just for a visit with friends or family. Visitors enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of the city, tasty cocktails and dishes that they proudly serve. In the beginning, the first glass skyscraper seemed a bit strange for Georgians with the views of the old town. However, the time passed, and now it is very attractive for everyone, and it perfectly reflects the diversity of Tbilisi. Additionally, the Biltmore Hotel offers its visitors the Historic Amphitheater for different events. The venues of the hotel are really inspiring and equipped with the latest technology and facilities.  

The Biltmore Academy 

From 2017, The Biltmore Academy was founded in the historical part of the building, which is the main entrance of the hotel. Interesting public lectures are held here by the famous lecturers, and the attendance is free for everybody. 

Picture © Credits to millenniumhotels

A Friendly Environment

New Year is coming, and our visitors already have a festive and happy mood. The city is amazing with the New Year’s lightings, and the Biltmore Hotel is also beautifully decorated for the holidays. The Biltmore Hotel is preparing a special event to celebrate the New Year’s Eve. They have a very friendly environment, as they always welcome their guests with an open heart. 

While being in Ge[orgia](, do not miss the Biltmore Hotel and its Xeme restaurant. This glass skyscraper will make your holidays more memorable and interesting. Also, if you are on a business trip, and you want to organize any event, this place is definitely for you. 

Video © Credits to VJ ColdFusion- ChrisNT

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