Georgia and its regions

Anano Chikhradze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Sakartvelo – This is how we call Ge[orgia]( Today this country exists as a mixture of two cultures of Kartli and the kingdom of **Col[chis.](

Georgia is a small country; however, it is distinguished by its diverse nature and different parts. Each part of Georgia is unique with its people and traditions.

Any Georgian can differentiate the representative of another part by its manner and the way of speaking. However, for the foreigners, these differences are hard to notice as Georgia is united by Georgians and we have more in common than vice versa.

One of the oldest parts of Georgia is Kartli. From Kartli, we got the name Sakartvelo and it is translated as a place for Georgians. The territory of Kartli was a part of the kingdom of Iberia from 4th century BC. The capital of Kingdom of Iberia, in the beginning, was Mt[skheta ]( then Tb[ilisi]( from the 5th century.


Ka[kheti]( – This region is located in the eastern part of Georgia. Most of the time Telavi was an administrative center of Ka[kheti]( This city is mentioned by historians from 1st Century. Ka[kheti]( is a place where wine-making culture was born and spread from. Wi[ne]( is made in almost every family in Kakheti. This region is also famous for its famous sweets such as Churchkhela.

Imereti & Guria

Im[ereti]( – It is a region in west Georgia. Here you can find one of the oldest caves in the world – Sataplia and Prometheus. Sataplia is a place which keeps several footprints of the dinosaur. This part of Georgia has a great cultural value for every Georgian. You can also find here ancient archaeological statues that were found in Vani in Kutaisi.

Guria – this region is mentioned by historians from VIII century BC. Guria is famous for its four-voice folk mu[sic]( I should also mention unique Christmas tree "Ch[ichilaki" ]( a Georgian style, which originally comes from Guria. It is made out of branches of a nut tree.

Samegrelo & Adjara

Sa[megrelo]( – the main city of Samegrelo is Zugdidi. Megrelian people have their own very diverse language. The ancient kingdom of Colchis was located on the territory of Sa[megrelo](, Im[ereti](, Apkhazeti and Sv[aneti](

Adjara – It is located on the east coast of the Black sea.** The main city in Adjara is Batumi**. It is a famous sea resort in Georgia. Every year more and more tourists become interested in this place. I highly recommend tasting their local Adjarian kh[achapuri]( – a cheese-boat. In Adjara, you will enjoy a harmonious mix of the mountains and the sea.

Apkhazeti – this is a historian part of Georgia, which no longer is under Georgian jurisdiction.

Meskheti – the most famous place in Meskheti is Vardzia.

Ra[cha]( – this region is located in north part of west Georgia. It is especially famous for its marvelous nature, Mountains, caves and views.

Sv[aneti]( – this is a very special place on the southern slope of Caucasus Mountain with its proud people and love for freedom. Great mountains around you will make you feel so tiny and the nature will seem so powerful.

Tourists in Georgia can explore so much more than just unique nature. People in Georgia are very welcoming; stories and legends about our country will blow your mind and the Georgian cuisine will make you come back repeatedly.

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