Imereti, a golden place

Anano Chikhradze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Imereti is a historical region located between the Greater Caucasus and the Adjara-Imereti mountain ranges. This is a place where great Argonauts travelled and they explored the Golden Fleece.

Let’s start with gastronomy, since spicy and delicious food is very well known there. The best element of Imeretian cuisine is a white wine. When you travel to this place, you will be invited at somebody’s home for sure. They will share with you a delicious Georgian feast. You will love “Imeruli Khachapuri” which is cooked there in the best way, as this dish has an origin from Imereti.

The capital city of Imereti region is Kutaisi. It is the second largest city after Tbilisi. You will see the elegant architecture of the 19th century. Except from magnificent churches, you can see the town’s largest synagogue, which was built in 1866. Near the city of Chiatura, there is one very miraculous place called Katskhi Pillar. The two churches that can be found here are among the oldest still existing churches in the world. These incredible monuments of Christianity are located on a 40 meter high cliff and it is almost impossible to reach them. Despite this fact, the monks are living there and praying for the whole Georgia. They made a metal ladder and all visitors have to climb on it.

In this region, one of the most visited places is a Prometheus Cave. This is very beautiful and interesting cave in Europe, rich with stalagmites and stalactites. When you enter inside, you feel differently, as the level of oxygen there is higher than anywhere and therefore being perfect for people who have breathing problems. Just follow a 1200-meter-long path within and explore all its secrets from very ancient times.

Lastly, there are very good spa resorts in Imereti such as Tskaltubo, Sairme and Nunisi. They are known for their healing properties. After relaxing in spas, if you are still interested in the speleology, you can visit Sataplia cave also near Kutaisi. In Sataplia Cave you can see more than 200 dinosaur footprints dating back to 30 million years ago.

All the places I mentioned above is just to give you an idea what Imereti Region offers, because there is much more than that to be explored.

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