Tbilisoba, a celebration of the city’s 1500-year-long history

Anano Chikhradze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Tbilisoba is an autumn holiday which is celebrated in Tbilisi every year in October. It is a celebration of the city’s 1500-year-long history and resilience. Not only the Georgians love Tbilisoba, but also our guests, who enjoy this holiday very much.

Preparations for Tbilisoba

For the first time, Tbilisoba was celebrated in 1979, on the 28th of October, and after that, it became a tradition. It is the time when harvesting is over, the wine is preparing in the clay pots, a sweet Georgian Churchkhela is made, and you can already feel the autumn coldness in Tbilisi. However, the sun is shining during the daytime, which makes the holiday warmer and happier.

The preparations for Tbilisoba start several weeks in advance. Various events are organized, and the main place for this holiday is the Old Tbilisi, especially Abanotubani. There, you can see many tents where the locals serve tasty Georgian dishes such as Khinkali, Khachapuri, etc. Also, you can enjoy interesting cultural events, concerts, competitions, exhibitions and flea markets. On that markets, many start-up businesses present their innovative products to the public. This is a great opportunity for them as thousands of people gather here with a festive mood and interestedto find out what is new in the city. It is a real celebration for the residents of Tbilisi. They meet with their friends and make new ones, drink wine, listen to music, take part in different activities and share happiness.

Picture © Credits to Radiokukka

Tbilisoba 2018

This year, the celebration of Tbilisoba was on the 6th and 7th of October. For the whole week, we could see the preparation process in the streets. The main celebrations of Tbilisoba were at the Rike Park, Dedaena park and Legvtakhevi. A lot of entertaining activities are prepared for the guests. Apart from the concerts and exhibitions of local products, you can also take part in different competitions such as Georgian wrestling, mini-golf, and many others. In addition, on this event, there is a rewarding ceremony of the honorable citizens of Tbilisi. Also, there is a big gala-concert called “My city of Tbilisi.”

Picture © Credits to Radiokukka

Be a part of it

As you know, in the late years Georgia is becoming more and more interesting and attractive destination for the travel lovers. A lot of tourists love visiting Georgia during this period of the year in order to enjoy the celebration of Tbilisoba. On those days, the tourists can experience a real Georgian spirit.

So, are you ready to take part in the celebration of the city’s 1500-year-long history and resilience? Believe me, you will have a lot of fun, and you will be a part of this great celebration. Tbilisoba always waits for you in our warm city in October.

Video © Credits to Nino Chkheidze

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