Joseph Stalin – the most famous Georgian

Anano Chikhradze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

I think everybody knows who Stalin is or at least have heard of him. This is a person who ruled the Soviet Union for almost 30 years, a person who defeated Hitler and became a dictator of the 20th century himself, a person who caused the death of around 20 million people.

However, probably not many people know about his true origins. He was born and raised in a small Georgian family in city Gori. I am not going to say anything positive or negative about him, as the history will judge him, but he is a person who definitely left his footage and influenced the world order. He is the most famous Georgian ever lived.

Many tourists are interested in him and visit his museum in Gori. People can see the house, where he was born and learn more about his life.

In this article, I will tell you things that are less known about his early ages.

A lot of information that is known to the public is modified for the political purposes. However, most of the information about Stalin was left unpublished in archives for decades including memories of his friends and his own mother.

Some of the information was unlocked only after 60 years or more. From the archives, in Moscow and Tb[ilisi](, some of the facts were uncovered about young Stalin. I think that childhood times have a huge impact on the personality and character of an adult.

Young Stalin

Ioseb Stalin’s real name is Soso Dzhugashvili. He later chose his pseudonym - “Stalin”. Surname Dzhugashvili comes from an old Georgian word “dzhuga”, which means “steel” (in Russian “Stal”).

He had a difficult childhood as his two older brothers have died in infancy, so his father started drinking. He was very violent towards young Soso and his mother. He did not want Soso to get an education, but his mother really wanted him to become a bishop that is why she insisted to send him in seminary.

Soso was a smart boy and his grades were really good, but he red many books that were not permitted. Later he was expelled from the seminary for his participation in a Marxist group.

One fact that might surprise you is that he was a romantic poet. Some of his poems were even published in the newspaper when he was a student.

Bank Robbery

In 1907, 13th of June, he planned a bank robbery. The money he stole today is an equivalent of 3,500,000 Dollars. At that time, it was the largest operation. This money helped him to fund his political activities and slowly rise on his career ladder.

His fellow was working in this bank for several months while planning this operation. Later, the employee of the bank admitted that he helped Stalin just because he liked his romantic poetry.

It is impressive how one Georgian boy from Gori has led his life from romantic poetry to an influential leader. Many people find it inspirational.

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