Spectacular wine routes in Cyprus

Anastasia Bartzi | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Greece and Cy[prus](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/a-cultural-stroll-in-larnaca-wzs3) are particularly famous for the wine that they produce. Ancient Greece was known as the "best wine producer" and of course, for the God of wine Di[onysos](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/dionysia-and-aphrodite-in-cyprus-a-celebration-in-honour-of-the-gods-07s4), that was praised on specific days, every year.

Cyprus has a great wine history that has been kept "alive" for more than 5000 years. They produce their local wine that is very tasty and made of different grape varieties. In Cyprus, there are 7 famous routes of wine that you can choose to follow, so as to taste and live the experience of the Cypriot hospitality and get introduced to the world of Cypriot wines.

There are about 41 wineries in Cyprus that presently operate on the island and give you the opportunity to taste their wine. Wine is a milestone of Cyprus' tradition. If you go back in time, you will find restored traditional wine presses and museums showcasing the life, culture, and tradition of the rural population; grape harvest, traditional feasts, and local wine abundance are all there! The Wine Routes program has been implemented by the Cyprus Tourism Organization, with co-funding from the structural funds of the European Fund for Agricultural Development. So let's take a stroll to these tasty routes.


This wine route is located in the north-western part of Cyprus. It starts from Pa[phos](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/an-archaeological-journey-in-paphos-cyprus-eay6) and goes to Mesogi, Tsada, Stroumbi, Kathika, Akourdaleia, Pano Arodes, Ineia, Drouseia, Polis and Pegeia. This route is different from the other routes because except for tasty wines, you can also taste specialties and Cypriot delicacies. There are tavernas and restaurants that are participating in this route of wine, and I can assure you that they will not take you down. The quality of wine and food that they offer is amazing. Apart from the gastronomical tour, you can enjoy the landscape offered on this route. Forests and fascinating views will amaze you while climbing the main roads. The outstanding feature of this unique wine zone is the Ak[amas Peninsula](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/majestic-flora-and-fauna-in-akamas-peninsula-6l6x). The Akamas peninsula is a unique area, both geographically and geologically, with a great range of flora and fauna. Also, it has amazing sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, beautiful valleys and it is considered to be the location with the greatest natural beauty, as it is unaffected by development and human intervention.

Photo Credit © iStockphoto/f8grapher


This wine route is located in the east part of Paphos and in the region with the most longlasting wine tradition. It is a mountainous area with steep slopes, a lot of flora and fauna, and of course vineyards. The route forms part of the following locations Paphos, Mesogi, Tsada, Stroumbi, Polemi, Psathi, Kannaviou, Asprogia, Pano Panagia, Chrysorrogiatissa, Agia Moni, Statos-Agios Fotios, Koilineia, Galataria, Pentalia, Amargeti, Eledio, Agia Varvara, Acheleia or Choulou, Lemona, Kourdaka, Letymvou, Kallepeia. 

In this route, you will encounter a warm welcome not only by winemakers but also from local people. They like sharing their feelings and enthusiasm, as well as good wine. Remember, the good wine feels and tastes even better with good company.

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This wine route is located in the east part of the town of Paphos and the Diarizos Valley,  which can be found in the west/southwest part of Troodos mountain. The name of this route was taken from the three fertile valleys that are located in these locations. Three rivers pass through these valleys, the rivers of Ezousa, Xeros, and Diarizos. This route climbs towards Troodos Mountain, Olympos, and follow the Diarizos river, that passes through 14 hilly villages that produce wine. While there, you're given of course the opportunity to visit just two, yet significant wineries. 

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This wine region comprises of 20 scenic villages that decorate the southern slopes of the Troodos mountains. This route takes you through the most traditional viniculture areas on the southern part of the Troodos mountain. The unique flora and fauna that dominate this place and the exquisite wine, make this place even better. Located in the Limassol district and with more than fifteen winemaking villages, Krasochoria, or wine villages, have the greatest concentration of wineries in the island. You shouldn't miss out on strolling through the enchanting scenery of the traditional villages with their unique architecture. 

Photo Credit © iStockphoto/f8grapher

The route starts in Li[massol](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/a-trip-into-history-in-limassol-ds4k) and continues with Kolossi, Erimi, Kantou, Souni-Zanakia, Pano Kivides, Agios Amvrosios, Lofou, Vouni, Koilani, Pera Pedi, Mandria, Kato Platres, Omodos, Vasa, Malia, Arsos, Pachna, Anogyra, Avdimou. The varieties of wine that can be found are white, such as Xynisteri, Palomino, Malvasia L., Malvasia G., Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Semillion, Chardonnay, Malaga and red varieties, such as Mavrro, Ofthalmo, Maratheftiko, Carignan, Mattaro, Oellade, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Alicante B., Grenache, Shiraz, Merlot, Lefkada. 

The route will be continued.... 

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