"Dionysia & Aphrodite" in Cyprus; a celebration in honour of the Gods

Anastasia Bartzi | Live the World

November 23, 2022

It is one of the most famous Gods and widely known as the "God of wine and pleasures". Dionysus is one of the twelve Gods that marked the history of Cy[prus](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/a-cultural-stroll-in-larnaca-wzs3). As Aphrodite has marked significantly the area of Paphos, so did Dionysus in the same area. For that reason, local people organize events so as to honor both of them.

Every year in Paphos, different events are organized during summer. One of the most spectacular is the Dionysia Festival.

Dionysia Festival

Dionysia Festival counts more than 40 years of celebration in the area of Pa[phos. ](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/an-archaeological-journey-in-paphos-cyprus-eay6)It's a celebration of the island´s greatest wines. The festival is being celebrated at the end of the hot summer, in Stroumbi village, in the Paphos district.

Dionysia Festival was first organized in 1967, when a group of local people from the community of Stroumbi, came up with a dance that became famous as the "Dance of Grapes" and took place in the central square of the village. The "Dance" lasted an entire day and since then, it was transformed into a three-day event. Through the years the festival got bigger, with more acts and attractions, and for that reason, it became the most important event of its kind in the country. Nowadays the event is known worldwide and a lot of people visit Cy[prus, ](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/a-cultural-stroll-in-larnaca-wzs3)so as to taste the local wine and live the experience.

The program of Dionysia Festival includes many wine exhibits, wine tasting, traditional Cypriot and foreign dances, games, local arts, crafts, fruits, wine-produce, flowers displays and a lot more. Throughout the festival, plenty of grapes and palouze (traditional Cypriot dessert) are offered to the visitors. Every year, when the festival comes to its end, a pageant is organized. A "Star Dionysia" and a "Miss Grape" are voted after a dance contest and keep their title for an entire year. Every person, local or not, can participate in this contest. 

Another event that takes place every summer in Paphos district is the Pa[phos Aphrodite Festival.](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/an-archaeological-journey-in-paphos-cyprus-eay6)

Paphos Aphrodite Festival

This festival takes places in September, at the end of the summer season. This event is being held in Paphos Medieval Castle, **that is located in the harbor of Paphos. The atmosphere is magical and the place is ideal for this kind of event. The event starts a month after the Ancient Greek drama** festival, that takes place every summer, in August.

The opera festival includes performances by esteemed worldwide known casts. The event is one of the most known events worldwide and people are visiting Paphos in September, to have the chance to be part of this great opera event. It is one of the highlights of autumn and a trademark of Cyprus cultural calendar.

Photo Credits © iStockphoto/jaym-z

The event lasts three whole days and the classical opera lovers have the chance to experience three days of love, passion, and tragedy under the stars, in an idyllic place like this. 

The first Aphrodite Festival dates back to 1999, when an effort to promote Paphos as an international center of high-profile cultural events, was made. The aim of the organizers was and remains to provide and organize an annual international artistic event, that takes place at the square in front of the medieval castle, at the harbor of Kato Paphos.

As we already know Paphos is one of the most important cities in Cyprus, with a lot of history that dates back from the 300BC, till the present days. Apart from its beautiful beaches and nature, Paphos is the cultural resort of Cyprus and of the world. So book your tickets, take a seat, relax and enjoy. 

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