Small lakes in Armenia

Lusine Vardanyan | Live the World

November 23, 2022

It has already been a year that I share with you information on well-known as well as hidden corners in Armenia, where the travelers can spend their time. Among those places are cultural centers, ancient churches, fortresses, caves,  spa & resort cities and so on. Some of my stores told you about the lakes in Armenia as well. This time, I want to expand the list of lakes by telling you about a couple of other ones that you can make your way to. The biggest lake in Armenia is Sevan, and the rest of them are small though nice ones. It does not necessarily have to be summer for you to enjoy their beauty, as just sitting nearby or organizing any activity in their surroundings can sometimes be more enjoyable than swimming. 

Lake Arpi

Lake Arpi is located in the Shirak Province of Armenia. It is situated on the height of 2023 m above the sea level. In 1951, the lake was artificially expended, and currently, its surface occupies an area of 22 km, and the depth is 4 m. Besides being a nice lake, it is also used to irrigate the Shirak field. 

The most interesting thing is that in the surroundings of the lake called Arpi National Park, there are unique birds, the names of which are included in the Red book. If you are lucky enough, you can notice Anas crecca, Tachybaptus ruficollis, Ciconia ciconia, A. platyrhynchos and many more. The flora is rich, and there are more than 670 types of plants, among those Apiaceaes, Asteraceaes, Caryophyllaceaes, Fabaceae, etc. This will be definitely a good destination for your next trip, where you can combine swimming and other activities in nature.


Lake Kaputan (Gogi)

Lake Kaputan is considered to be a “natural monument”.  The lake is located in the Syunik Province of Armenia, some 8 km of distance from the city of Karajan, known for its mining industry. It was inscribed in the list of natural monuments of Armenia in 2008 by the decision of the Government.  The depth of the lake is 22 m, and the surface is 10 hectares. It is located on 3202 m above the sea level. 

Besides the above-mentioned lakes, on the territory of Armenia, there are also other small lakes among which are the Lake Parz (close to the city of Dilijan) and Lake Goshi (not far from the Goshavank Monastery Complex), both in the Dilijan National Park. Another very nice and impressive lake is located on Mount Aragats, and many people who climb the Aragats Mountain (it is also possible to get there by car) stop by this natural beauty called Stone Lake to have a rest and some picnic. 

I am sure that exploring small lakes in Armenia can be an interesting adventure especially taking into consideration that some of them are located in the areas from where you have an awesome view.

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