Slovenia – a hidden gem between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea

Darja | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Slovenia is a small country in Central Europe that will immediately make you fall in love with it. Gaining in popularity makes this hidden gem less hidden and the ones who have already discovered it enjoy returning for some more.

Being located in the Alps, bordering the Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea while having mainly continental climate gives this little country its special character. Diversity is the word that describes Slovenia well, be it biodiversity, various culinary delights or the many dialects we have that differ from town to town.

There are around 2 million people living in Slovenia, and everyone knows (almost) everyone. People are very proud of the beautiful nature and the highest mountain Triglav (2,864 m), which even represents the central figure of the Slovene coat of arms. The name literally translates to 'three-head'—that is, 'three peaks' and every true Slovene has to climb it at least once in his lifetime.

Slovenia has been declared a green destination which isn’t a surprise with all the stunning nature it has. More than half of the land is covered in forest, as well as many rivers and lakes, one of them being the famous lake Bled. All this, together with our small coastline at the Adriatic Sea, where the petite coastal town Piran is located offers great opportunities for new adventures. Have I mentioned astonishing mountains and the Alps yet?

But not only trees and forests, also vineyards cover quite some part of the land. There are three wine-producing regions in Slovenia offering delicious wine. In Maribor there is the oldest vine in the world (The Old Vine), being more than 400 years old and still producing wine. It even has its own festival and museum, isn’t that something?

The beloved capital Ljubljana is full of life, hosting many cultural events, and like other cities and towns in Slovenia it impresses with beautiful parks and trees that can be seen on every corner. Especially in the summer, the city is full of tourists and sometimes foreigners are impressed by the number of languages Slovenes speak. Most often you can easily communicate in English even with older people. And depending on the region you’re exploring, you might be able to communicate in a language being spoken in our neighboring countries (Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy).

Wherever you are travelling around this beautiful country, it is best done by car although you can manage your way by using public transport as well. Its supplement is carpooling (prevoz) which became very popular especially among younger population and can be a very efficient and entertaining way of transportation.

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