Skiing in Gedinne

Manon Vanschepdael | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Did you know that you can ski in Belgium? Indeed, when snow is falling, and there is no hunting in the forests, you can actually go skiing in Belgium.

I will just write about one place in Belgium I know very well: La Croix-Scaille near Gedinne. Since I was a kid, my father brought me there (in my grandparents' house) to enjoy the fresh air of the Ardennes. Every time of the year has its own advantages: in the summer, you can go swimming in the Houille, in the autumn, playing with fallen leaves on the ground, during the spring, picking the hyacinths and, in winter time, enjoy skiing.

The Croix-Scaille is located on the shelf of Ardennes' forest massif. It dominates Semois' and Meuse's valleys. At an altitude of 503 m, start 4 trails from the "Chalet de ski de fond". Those trails are made for everyone and every ski level (from the beginner to the expert): the yellow (2.5 kilometers), the green (7 kilometers), the blue (9 kilometers) and the black (12 kilometers). After a good day of skiing, you can also enjoy a warm drink or food at the cafeteria.

Pratical information:

How to get there? From the center of Gedinne, follow the indications to Louette-Saint-Pierre

Parking? You might park your car on the road to the "Chalet de ski de fond"

Price? 9.5€ (incl. entrance and equipment) 1.5€ (entrance only)

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