Rijeka Crnojevića - a peaceful traditional place with delicious national cuisine

Katarina Kalicanin | Live the World

November 23, 2022

If you value your journeys and places you visit by the quality of food you have opportunity to taste, then there is a place in Montenegro where you would definitely enjoy. In addition, historical significance, authentic architecture and beautiful natural surrounding of this place create a perfect ambiance in which you can try the most appetizing Montenegrin specialties. Welcome to Rijeka Crnojevića - a peaceful traditional place with delicious national cuisine.

Rijeka Crnojevića is situated in one of the most beautiful parts of Skadar Lake. In ancient times, a very important trading route was passing through. The old stone bridge built for a trade route still looks very impressive.


On the Obod hill, just above the headwaters of river Crnojevića (near the Rijeka Crnojevića town), the ruler of Zeta - Ivan Crnojević built a fortress and a monastery in order to avoid the Turkish army. He moved his capital from Žabljak Crnojevića to Obod and Rijeka Crnojevića and this was the beginning of the town's history.

Here was located the first printing house in the Southeastern Europe where in 1949. the first book on Slavic language was printed - Oktoih prvoglasnik (Octoechos of the First Tone). The remains of some of the historical buildings from the time of Ivan Crnojević are still preserved in the place. You could see the basement room of a building, which is related to the work of the print house. In addition, the first pharmacy in Montenegro, as well as the first weapons workshop, was opened in this area.


During the 19th and early 20th century, Rijeka Crnojevića was the largest Montenegrin port and the leading trading center. A particularly appreciated product of this area was a dry bleak because of its unique and exquisite taste. One more characteristic fish from the region is carp, cooked smoked or fried. Both, bleak and carp, are served simple and without many additions so that nothing can hinder its original taste. Before your meal is served, you will be offered an appetizer - a homemade rakia to increase your appetite. Beside rakia, many families are producing homemade wine which is a great choice to drink with prosciutto and cheese from Njeguši. Whatever you decide to eat, don't forget to order homemade olives which are a perfect addition to fish as well to prosciutto.


You won't need much time to visit this peaceful traditional place with delicious national cuisine, but exploring its surroundings and the nearby places can take up to a couple of days. You can book a boat ride or rent a kayak and enjoy paddling across the water-lilies carpet or go for a walk to Skakala or Obodska cave. Nearby villages worth visiting are Virpazar, Karuč and Dodoši and if you are coming to Rijeka Crnojevića by car make sure not to miss a wonderful view of Pavlova strana - the most photographed panorama of Skadar Lake.

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