Exploring Skadar lake: Village Dodoši

Katarina Kalicanin | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Villages around Skadar Lake are a must if you like exploring off the beaten path places. One of them is Dodoši, an old fishermen’s village situated just on the banks of the lake. Amazing ambiance and good national food attract a lot of Montenegrin people as well as foreigners.

Dodoši is a compacted, thick village with many old stone houses. A visit just for a day or camping somewhere in the area with the beautiful nature around the village, the river which is just perfect for swimming and the national restaurant located right next to the water, guarantee you a completely new and different experience. But, what makes Dodoši special is its rich history. The old villagers remember that the silkworm was grown here and produced silk from which they were making fishing nets.

If you decide to visit this place during the summer, it is very likely that you will meet many young people and get to know the hospitable hosts willing to tell you more about the history of their place and take you around the lake in one of their rowboats.

This place is attractive not only because of the picturesque locations but also for other attractions such as fishing, bird watching and swimming. In addition to this, a national restaurant serves good quality food and traditional drinks such as wine or rakia.

Dodoši belongs to Cetinje Municipality and it is 20 km away form the capital city Podgorica. It is a perfect place to enjoy and relax in nature. On the way to Dodoši, you can visit Karuč village and the hill Bobija and have your day full of wonderful impressions and activities.

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