Replenish your vitality in the fun Spa of Zalakaros

Vivi Bencze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Apart from Puskas and the Rubik's Cube, there are plenty of things yet, that have put Hungary on the map. Beyond the legendary football player and best-selling toy, I dare to say, that among others, the wellness facilities in my country are also world-famous. This is primarily due to our healing, natural** waters and the resulting bath culture of Hungarians. A lot of tourists from many parts of the world, including Western Europe, Russia and even the United States, come to us to recover and relax since Hungary is the country of thermal waters and fun spas. In this first article, you have the chance to get to know one of the best baths in Hungary, the Spa of Zalakaros, where you surely will replenish your vitality.**

Fun Spa and Thermal Bath of Zalakaros

The Fun Spa of Zalakaros is one of the most beautiful and most enjoyable baths in Hungary, where bathing is not only a pleasure, but it also serves as a real adventure for the whole family. Besides the children’s Cartoon Beach, the Spa also has an experience-bath section, an adrenaline slide park, multiple spa courses, water therapy and massage programs, and even electric healing treatments for all ages looking for the relaxation and adventure.

Kids have a distinct, 400-quarter-meter multi-storey pool complex with more than 60 water attractions, slides and water cannons, both outdoors and indoors.

Naturally, the unforgettable entertainment and recreation opportunities are granted for adults as well. The indoor and outdoor experience-baths’ services can be enjoyed all-year-round by guests visiting Zalakaros. Those who like excitement can also meet their expectations, as the new 400-meter slope of the Adrenaline Slide* Park *featuring new extreme slides is unique in the area's bath selection. There are five extraordinary slides for the real adventurers: The Magic Tunnel with special light effects; the UFO, which runs through 105 meters; the Kamikaze, which reaches up to 70 km/h; the 68-meter-long Turbo, built out of transparent elements; and, last but not least, the Rafting-pendulum made for wild water adventure enthusiasts.

The Spa and Thermal Bath of Zalakaros, by the way, has been officially recognised by the Ministry of Health since 1978. The rheumatological outpatient consulting, based on thermal water, has thousands of patients seeking healing here every year. The water of Zalakaros and its wide range of treatments can be excellently used for the prevention as well. They are availed even by more and more young people.

What else can you do in the neighbourhood?

Just to provide you a few tips for more options during your holiday in the area. The Lake Balaton is only 30 km from here, while you can reach the Croatian border in 40, the Slovenian border in 70 km, if you intend to look around not only in Hungary. All in all, have fun in the Spa of Zalakaros, which is only one of many great alternatives in the country of best thermal waters and fun spas. You will surely leave the Spa of Zalakaros refreshed and reborn, regardless of your age, to get back to your everyday life with a replenished vitality.

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