Croatian adventure begins here

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Croatia welcomes you with its wide-open doors because here, we speak your language. No matter if you are a nature fan, a party lover, a family person, a history addicted or just a food explorer – prepare yourself for Croatian adventure and get ready to come again.

Easily approachable (many flying & bus companies, trains and cruisers will have Croatian cities as its destination), full of wonders, exciting to discover, but always unpredictable – Croatia. With more than 5000 km of a coastline, more than 1000 islands, hundreds of parks, 8 national parks, and dozens of festivals, Croatia is the place where you will feel the nature, the history and the gastronomy with all your senses.


You have probably heard of Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb or Plitvice lakes… Also brilliant are islands, astonishing mountains, tasty food and great wines. Lakes and rivers, seaside and mountains, ancient and modern cities, energetic parties and slowly-paced villages – all those similar non-similarities are the best that Croatia can offer you. When visiting the youngest EU member state and south-eastern country don’t forget that you are in one of the world’s most tourist-friendly countries. Croatia is not a big country but every single corner is hiding some historical or nature miracle. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why this country was a set for the world’s famous TV-show Game of Thrones and many other movies, commercials and short videos.

©iStock/Zdravko Troha

Don't be desperate - among all those well-known destinations (full of tourists) still you can find island or beach perfect for you. Little advice - get lost and go beyond the map and guide. Many places are still undiscovered where you can eat well, sleep tight and enjoy with whole your body.

On the other hand, if you are into history and less crowded places or you are just a nature enthusiast, stunning small villages of Dalmatia or Istria will be your ideal destination. For maybe less-touristic ambient but again locations full of active-tourism and hiking trails you might love to see Zagorje region. Croatia’s easternmost province of Slavonia will feed you and give you enough energy for your way back home or for the continuity of your adventure.


This year is coming to its end so best option would be visiting advent in Zagreb in December or just prepare yourself for next travel year looking who and what is waiting for you in Croatia in 2018.

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