Nandi Hills & Ulsoor Lake: Bengaluru's popular destinations

Kirti Arora | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Each journey relaxes the soul, enriches one's memories and leaves one infatuated with the stunning natural and human creations. In a short human life span, one must not miss out on the joys of travelling. After all, travelling adds a new and unique dimension to one's life. For those interested in visiting Southern India, the city of Bengaluru offers several gems that promise those aha moments! Nandi Hills and Ulsoor Lake are two such beautiful locations that must be on your itinerary. Let's get set and explore Bengaluru's popular destinations

About Nandi Hills

Located 60 km from the main city of Bengaluru, Nandi Hills attract tourists owing to its location. The place is primarily known for its fantastic views, green surroundings and its historical significance, due to which you can find several temples, shrines and monuments. Earlier, the place was used by Mysore ruler Tipu Sultan as his summer retreat. So, of course, one can find several aspects of the Sultan's legacy in this area. His summer home was known as "Tashk-e-Jannat", which translates to "the envy of heaven". It remains a popular spot today because of its painted walls, archways, well-crafted ceilings and tall pillars. We will explore some famous parts of the Nandi Hills below.

Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple 

An excellent display of architectural splendour, Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple is one of the oldest temples here. The walls and interiors are adorned with stunning metalwork and stone carvings. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, his wife Parvati and consort Nandi. It is a must-visit if architecture and design excite you. 

© Wikimedia/ Bikashrd

Other places worth visiting include Amrita Sarovar (Lake of Nectar), a perennial spring that has been meeting the freshwater needs of people in the surrounding areas. Another popular spot in the vicinity is the Brahmashram. It is believed that the famous Hindu mystic Ramkrishna Paramhamsa used to meditate here. It is a great place to unwind and spend some precious peaceful moments. Moreover, you can also engage in some adventurous activities here, such as paragliding, hiking, trekking, and cycling. And if you tend to feel hungry, there are plenty of restaurants nearby ready to satiate your hunger pangs. 

Ulsoor Lake

The lush city of Bangalore is known for its beautiful lakes. One such gorgeous lake is Ulsoor Lake. A man-made lake with several charming islands offers a relaxing ambience to one's senses. There are several activities you can explore here. Paddleboat or motorboat, both options are available, depending on your preference. The boat ride lasts for 20 mins with stopovers at some of the islands so you can enjoy lovely views. If you enjoy birdwatching, then the boat ride is an excellent opportunity to spot different bird species such as Brahmani kites, herons, purple swamps and many other exotic ones too. 

The place is also an exceptional site for a stroll and spend some time soaking in the evening sun with your friends and family. Or you can also plan a picnic and enjoy a relaxed twilight. A relaxing and serene environment will work as a blissful balm for the senses as you move away from stressful city life. Are you ready to devour a unique relaxation therapy amidst beautiful surroundings

The beautiful city of Bengaluru welcomes you with open arms. Stunning views of Nandi Hills and the relaxing ambience of Ulsoor Lake will surprise you. Delve into the uniqueness of Indian architecture, design and, of course, an abundance of natural bliss. Come to India and gather memories of a lifetime as you tour popular destinations of Bengaluru

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