Manori Beach, a hidden gem in Mumbai

Kirti Arora | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The pace of life in Indian cities is quite slow. But that cannot be said about the biggest part of the city of Mumbai. Here, everything runs faster than the pace of light. From morning to dusk, people are on the go. For non-natives, it is not so easy to adjust to the city's life, food and culture. Despite all these aspects, Mumbai remains a popular tourist spot for locals and foreign visitors. Locals are amused to visit the eccentricities they can experience here as opposed to their respective cultures. Foreigners love exploring the financial capital of India, which runs around the clock - without any breaks. However, there is one place in Mumbai, which is not running at a maddening pace, and that is the pristine Manori Beach. It may not be as popular as the Juhu Beach, commonly known as Juhu Chowpatty but definitely worth a visit as a hidden gem in the ultra-busy city of Mumbai!

How to reach Manori Beach

Reaching Manori Beach is quite easy. There is a 10-15 min ferry ride, which is available from Marve Beach, Malad. And to reach Marve Beach, autos, cabs or buses are available. There is also a possibility to carry two-wheelers on the ferry. So if you want to roam around Manori Beach, you can take rented bicycles or scooters along. The availability of public transport is quite good in Mumbai, so there will not have any issue regarding the same. 

What to do at Manori

© Wikimedia/ Nichalp

There is no shortage of fun activities at Manori Beach. You can come and chill with your friends and family. Take gorgeous selfies during sunrise and sunset. Or enjoy the awesome vibe around the area. Manori Beach is also termed as 'mini-Goa' because it has that fun Goan vibe. The stunning natural beauty of the beach is very inviting and relaxing. There are several churches around, which you can explore. The area nearby represents the intermingling of cultures as you will also find Samudreshwar Temple, Buddhist Pagoda and Sufi Dargah in the vicinity. 

For adventure seekers, Manori Beach offers something unexpected - horse rides with friends and family. Earlier, I was hesitant to explore this, but once I did, I must mention that I laughed my heart out. The cart ride with family was an exhilarating experience. I felt being transported to my childhood as the horses ran at their crazy speeds. I would strongly recommend this ride. However, if you do not wish to try it out, there is also an option for a solo ride, where an equestrian will take your child for a smooth walking ride. For children, this is the best option! 

What to eat at Manori

© flickr/ mariel drego

On the beach, there are a few food options such as roasted corncobs, popcorns, and freshly made candy floss. At times, families also bring food from home and enjoy a picnic day with their loved ones. Additionally, here you can find a local candy, which is quintessentially Indian. This ice candy is prepared immediately as per the request of the consumer. The ice candy combines crushed ice with sugary and tangy syrups, which are available in different colours. Due to its colours and flavours, the candy is popular amongst kids! Further, there are several resorts around, which serve decent food. These resorts also provide stay-options. 

So, when in Mumbai, explore this hidden gem in this super busy city. Get ready to see a different side of Mumbai at Manori Beach. It will be a unique and unforgettable experience in India

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