Global Netflix sensation Sacred Games: filming locations in Mumbai

Kirti Arora | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Ever since the launch of the popular Netflix series Sacred Games season 1 in 2018, global viewers are binge-watching the show with popcorn and friends. Based on author Vikram Chandra's novel Sacred Games, the series explores the dark underbelly of Mumbai's underworld and its most wanted gangster Ganesh Gaitonde and the life of police inspector Sartaj Singh. The show is packed with hard-hitting violence and bloodshed along with finer nuances of complex relationships. Owing to its storyline, directing, brilliant performances by acclaimed actors** and, of course, maverick marketing, Sacred Games has become almost 'sacred' - a massive global sensation. Some parts of the show are also shot in India's financial capital Mumbai, filming at both standard and very uncommon locations. **

Filming locations in Mumbai

While watching the show, one can identify several Mumbai locations. Sometimes these locations are merely used as filler shots whereas, at other times, they play an essential role in adding depth and character to that particular scene. Several Mumbai roads have been shown, where the actors are trying to take the story's narrative ahead. One can even spot Mumbai locals or trains in the show. They are known as city's lifeline as they connect different corners. If Mumbai locals come to a halt, the city will come to a halt. That's how important these trains are to this city that never sleeps. 

© iStock/ NITIN BALI

Sacred Games: India's Narcos

Sacred Games is being hailed as India's Narcos with its huge global fan following. And with Netflix's big investment in a show based in Mumbai, the general curiosity around this complex and mysterious city among traveller community is bound to grow. There's saying that either you love or hate Mumbai and it is 100% true if you have ever visited this city. And as you will explore Sacred Games, you will get acquainted with varied facets of Mumbai - all of which are equally fascinating. 

Juhu beach, Mumbai's happy place

In a few scenes, one can spot Mumbai's popular Juhu beach, which forms a playground or a happy place for the rich and poor alike. On any regular day, fitness enthusiasts can be seen running, doing their favourite yoga poses or even shooting TikTok videos here. This beach is also quite popular for its sunsets and local food delicacies such as vada paav, sev puri, batata vada, paanipuri and bhel. Locals and tourists both can't resist these yummy flavours. If Sacred Games inspires you to visit Mumbai, don't miss out on these delicacies and a visit to Juhu beach.  

About Mumbai

In addition to food flavours, Mumbai is unlike any other Indian city - it is super fast, inclusive and safe. On many occasions, foreigners visiting the city for the very first time, even decide to shift their permanent bases to Mumbai, owing to ample work opportunities, safe environment for women no matter what you wear (which is amiss in other Indian cities) and what time of the day you step out of the house or work.

© iStock/ Ajay Salvi

So, next time you plan to visit Mumbai, don't forget to check out the filming locations of Netflix global sensation Sacred Games. Once here, Mumbai as a city will surprise you, shock you, overwhelm you and at the time make you fall in love with the various contradictions of life that are visible here on an everyday basis. Mumbai is not just a city; it has several layers of life operating within itself, all of which are thriving and supporting each other in innovative and unique ways.  

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