Retail therapy at Lokhandwala Market, Mumbai

Kirti Arora | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Mumbai markets are fun, quirky and a must-visit for shoppers. One such popular market is the Lokhandwala Complex Market in the Andheri West region of Mumbai (in India). Any time you visit this market, you will find it buzzing with shoppers, looking for bargains on stylish clothes, replicas of big brands or trying to find that perfect gift for themselves or their loved ones. Besides, shoppers can also be seen relishing on typical Bombay (old name for Mumbai) food. The proximity of the market to the "Versova" metro station (around 11 mins) and "Andheri"** train station (around 30 mins) also makes it a popular hangout amongst people of all age groups. So, come over and indulge in some happy retail therapy with your friends and family**.    

Happy shoppers & coffee aromas 

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Here, you can easily find good quality economical bargains at street-side shops. Also, you will find several good options at high-end stores. You can choose to pick whatever suits your budget and style. From personal experience, I feel that street-side stuff is as good as buying from big stores but with a huge price difference, of course. Walking through the market is quite delightful as you experience the whimsical vibes of seductive lights, aromas from cafes, the attractive appeal of stores along with the scent of food. Additionally, you will spot many satisfied shoppers shopping to their heart's content.** **

Kamdhenu Shopping Complex

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Once at Lokhandwala Complex, you must pay a visit to this hub of clothes, bags, accessories and customized goods. From long/short dresses, shorts, gowns, shirts & other wardrobe options that one can think of are available here. The price range is affordable, but despite that, do not forget to further bargain and save more money. Moreover, as Mumbai is the heart of the Hindi film industry, Andheri West is home to several celebrities and production houses. Because of that, one can easily get access to the most stylish outfits and accessories here. You can even spot several celebrities shopping around in the same lanes, bargaining to the best of their capabilities. 

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That's how popular the market is. You can find the latest fashion trends, men and women in uber-trendy outfits with each one of them standing out in their unique capacity. Additionally, you can visit high-end stores to pick your favourite outfit too. Inside this particular complex, there are several tailoring shops too, where you can get customized Indian outfits such as Lehenga Choli put together specifically for you. Now you can also dress up as your favourite Bollywood diva with these customized wardrobe options. These shops also undertake several stitching assignments for Bollywood films, so do not be surprised if you spot an outfit, which may resemble a famous film. 


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Lokhandwala Market is home to the slickest accessories that you can find in Mumbai. Prices may be on the higher side at big stores but street-side stalls always come to the rescue with their affordable prices, which I love the most. Once you enter the market, there are so many tempting accessories to choose from that you will almost need to hold back to not spend money unnecessarily. You'll find trendy handbags, footwear, jewelry, belts, sunglasses, makeup, and more to take your breath away. The best bit: accessories are not just available for women but also for men. So, go splurge and revamp your personality like never before.

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Gluttony is another reason why many people visit this market. Streetside food stalls with spicy, sweet and tangy offerings are very popular. You can also find diverse south and north Indian cuisines, which are favoured by food connoisseurs. For non-vegetarians too, there are several options including rolls and shawarma. Foreign cuisines are also being catered to meet the growing demands of foodies. Besides this, you can also satisfy your sweet cravings with locally made Indian sweets or ice cream parlours, which are hugely popular here. 

So next time you are in Mumbai, you know where to indulge in wholesome retail therapy and take with you the best memories of Mumbai and its beloved Lokhandwala Market Complex

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