Jezersko: a trip to the Slovenian lakeland

When you are visiting a country like Slovenia, being famous for its greenery, diverse landscape and mountain world, I would highly recommend taking a trip, not only to the country’s biggest and most known cities and buildings but also to at least one of its hidden gems or preserved green destinations. In places like these, you will get to see some of the finest sights of the untouched nature, like the hidden old-growth forests of Kočevsko or the stunning mountains, lakes and legends of the famous Triglav National Park. There are really a lot of places like this to choose from in Slovenia, so to make your choice a little easier, I would like to present to you one of the most beautiful places in the area of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. The valley of Jezersko, also known as the Slovenian lakeland, or as its locals like to call it “the oasis of peace”.

Picture © Credits to: iStock / Elena Odareeva

A heart-shaped lake

Located between the high mountains right by the Slovenian border with Austria, the valley of Jezersko has an interesting name, which is a derivation from the word lake. The inspiration behind it was a glacial lake, which used to cover the valley in the 14th century and later on it disappeared, but was still remembered and described, causing the area to receive its German name Seeland, literally translated as “the lakeland”. The Slovenian version of the name, Jezersko, was created later in the 16th century and is, of course, still present today. That being said, the valley of Jezersko wouldn’t really live up to its name if it didn’t have at least one unique lake typical for the location. Lake Planšar or Planšarsko jezero is situated in the settlement of Zgornje Jezersko and was created artificially by the locals in the memory of the previously mentioned glacial lake, after which the valley was named. The thing that makes this lake so unique is the fact that it has the shape of a heart, which became a symbol of Jezersko and a very popular destination. You can take a peaceful walk around the lake or go ice skating in the winter and afterwards enjoy a nice local meal or a cup of tea at the restaurant nearby. 

Picture © Credits to: iStock / Barbara Cerovsek

High mountain peaks and a glacier 

The Jezersko valley offers various hiking trails and destinations suitable for easy walking, as well as less and more demanding hiking. You can take on the challenge of climbing the highest mountain peak in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, a 2558-meter high Grintovec. Another unique experience is the chance to see one of the only two preserved glaciers in Slovenia, called the Skuta Glacier. It is located under the mountain Skuta, another popular mountain peak. A trip to Jezersko or the Slovenian "lake land" is truly a paradise experience and a chance to discover one of the unique hidden spots in Slovenia, which represents our country perfectly. 

Picture © Credits to: iStock / Elena Odareeva

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