Iguazú National Park, one of the seven World Wonders

Francisca Pizarro | Live the World

November 23, 2022

You might think Iguaçu is exclusive to Brazil, yet, it is not. Argentina is lucky enough to share the marvels of the Iguazú Waterfalls with Brazil. The Iguazú National Park is located in the north of Argentina, right within the border with neighbouring Brazil. Did you know that the Iguazú Waterfalls are one of the seven World Wonders? As such, the place is obviously one of the most breathtaking touristic hotspots in Latin America.

About the park and Iguazú

The Iguazú National Park is located in the Misiones Province in northern Argentina. Iguazú is a Guaraní word which means "big water". As you will see, this name makes total sense. Once you get to the main attraction of Iguazú, all you will see is water covering all. Do not be mistaken, Iguazú is not only one waterfall or Salto, there are many you can see. Furthermore, you can actually choose to see them from above or below. The place is a wonderland, I know it sounds overly dramatic, but it really feels as if it was taken from a fantasy movie. As you walk through the different walking trails, you will see flora and fauna you never knew existed. Butterflies of different colors come and go, and you even get to see rainbows! 

Tren Ecologico de la Selva

The "Ecological Jungle's Train" is one of a kind. It is an open train specially made, so tourists do not miss anything while going through the national park. The train stops at the three main "attraction" entries of the park: The Upper Trail, the Lower Trail and the Devil's throat. Later on in this story, I will tell you more about the Devil's Throat, which is the highlight of the National Park, the biggest and loudest waterfall. Anyway, taking the train is an attraction itself, you will be able to enjoy nature. This may sound like a joke, but different types of butterflies will fly past you, and the view is honestly stunning.

© istock/Pabloborca

Paths to enjoy the National Park 

A great activity to enjoy while visiting the Iguazú National Park is a trek. As usual, there are many different walking trails to tour. The Sendero Verde (Green Path) is a short and easy walk, perfect for begginers. It is supposed to take you ten minutes to complete and allows you to see flora and fauna of the place in a very quick yet stunning manner. If you want a more difficult trekking experience, you could try the Paseo Inferior (Lower Path). This path takes you through the jungle by crossing some wooden bridges. The real highlight of this path is that you get to see a lot of "saltos" (waterfalls) but to see them, you have to "look up", hence the "lower" on its name. This trek option takes about an hour and a half to complete. Another walking trail to trek is the Paseo Superior (Upper Path), which takes you through different viewpoints located above (or at the same level) the waterfalls. If you like rainbows, butterflies and an aesthetic view overall, this is the trail for you. This route is supposed to take you an hour or so. A highlight of the Upper Path is that it is accesible to everyone, even to the tourists with reduced mobility. Finally, the longest of them all and a path to walk if you are interested in sightseeing the jungle instead of waterfalls is the Sendero Macuco (Macuco Path). It is supposed to take you three hours to complete. As you walk through it, you will encounter varied flora and fauna, as if you were inside a movie or a documentary. Feel the fresh air, the sound of nature and keep this moment with you forever.

© istock/R.M. Nunes
© istock/LeeTorrens

Garganta del Diablo

The park's highlight, the majestic waterfall "Garganta del Diablo", is a Spanish name for "devil's throat". To get there, you have to take the Ecological Train mentioned before, and as you ride it, nature will unfold. Prepare to enter a surreal world of natural wonder filled with colors and exotic animals. As the trip progresses, you will hear the roar of water getting closer and closer up to the point it is the only thing you will hear. Embrace the sounds and the beautiful view, the powerful waterfall will remain forever in your memories.

© istock/anyaivanova

I could keep on writing about the Iguazú National Park for days, but no matter how hard I try, there are no words to explain how amazing one of the seven World Wonders is. Truly, this is an experience you ought to live by yourself because no amount of words, photographs or videos is enough! The Iguazú National Park is a must-see when you visit Argentina.

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