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Hola! You can call me Franpi, I am a proud Latina born in Chuquicamata, Chile, I graduated in law and I am a newbie passionate traveler, passion that comes from doing an exchange year in Berlin. I love looking at the stars, reading by the beach (or anywhere), learning different languages, going to museums and meeting new people. This is for me the best part of traveling and what makes it so unique: no travel is the same because every person you meet is different from one another. I am here to tell you about Chile: a place like no other, a country of contrasts, that has breathtaking natural wonders and landscapes, indigenous cultures keeping their ancient traditions and fast growing cities with modern vibes among many other things. I intend to show you all of these through the eyes of a local so that you will place Chile as your next destination and hopefully fall in love with the country and its people.

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