Vegan Eating in Santiago de Chile

Francisca Pizarro | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Santiago is the capital of Chile and, as such, has a wide variety of things to do, see and eat. In this story, I attempt to take you through a culinary tour along the tastiest vegan restaurants in town!  Being a tourist does not mean to compromise your ethical choice of living. Since Santiago is too big and there are too many options, I will narrow them down to favorite places among vegan locals! 

Vg Burger

The first vegan burger chain of Santiago! It is a family-owned business, well-known for its big and savory plant-based burgers. Some say these are the best vegan burgers in town; the place is loved by vegans and meat consumers alike! The place is owned by the vegan chef Diego Carreño, who started this business in the streets. Nowadays, he has his own wildly-popular restaurant with many delicious options of burgers and appetizers. If you are vegan and in town, this place is a must. The best thing about Vg Burger is that nearly everything is made in the place (except for the cheese and bread) so everything is fresh and made especially for you. A fan favorite is the "Satanica Burger" (it has a Seitan base, vegan cheese, avocado, onion rings, and BBQ sauce); also, I highly recommend you try their yummy Tofu Crispy


Indian Box

Exotic vegan food in Santiago! The facade of the restaurant is impressive, but the thing that will really blow your mind is their menu: the best of India but with a vegan twist. Dishes filled with color and spices are the heart of this place; also, it is worth mentioning that they prepare the food using a cylindrical-clay oven called Tandoor! Another fantastic thing about this restaurant is that they managed to replace milk in traditional Indian dishes. Milk is classic and essential to their cuisine, and that is why it is such an accomplishment having it replaced. I highly recommend the "Fantasias del Tandoor" ("Fantasies of the Tandoor"), a first-course plate composed of skewers of different proteins, such as Tofu. 'Not Chicken' is also worth a try. It is one of the first restaurants to serve 'Not Chicken' in Chile, so If you like spiced up food, give Indian Box a try!



Nicecream is the only molecular ice cream shop in Chile, and it is vegan. What they do is really amazing! Nicecream creates a wide range of vegan ice cream in a matter of minutes by using science; the secret? Liquid nitrogen. The later does not only help to the making of creamy, textured ice cream but provides an amazing smoke show while you wait for it! My favorite is the brownie ice cream! But if you go to Nicecream, my recommendation is just to go crazy! They have a lot of flavors, and they even offer waffles and other vegan delicacies. 


Verde Sazón

No more boring salads! Verde Sazón offers vegetarian and vegan food in Barrio Italia, a gastronomical center of Santiago! They serve big, savory dishes with no animal proteins. The menu is personalized and created by Chef Roberto Luque, who wanted to twist veggie and vegan dishes! His recipes are not only a harmonic mixture of flavors and textures but also tiny art pieces served in plates. Everything you ask comes beautifully presented in an explosion of colors, flavors, and smells. While there, give Green Curry a try, it is a bit spicy, colorful and mixes a lot of exotic flavors you would not expect in a curry. If you have time (and space in your stomach), try some of their desserts; they are equally delicious and artistic as the main dishes. 


Veg and Bake

Pastel-colored and cute is what Veg and Bake looks like; not only is it an amazing place to eat vegan pastries but also a hotspot for beautiful pictures! The place is more of a 100% vegan tea salon than a bakery. They have plenty of delicious options to calm your sweet tooth, and as they say: "Made with love." I highly recommend you try the cupcakes; they have a wide range of toppings and flavors! Another remarkable thing about Veg and Bake is that they have a waste reduction plan that consists of giving you a discount if you bring your own container!


Santiago de Chile has everything your heart desires from concerts to parks, bars, and gastronomy! It also includes a[mazing vegan places,]( so you can enjoy your stay in the country while keeping up with your ethical choice of life! As you can see in this article, the options are varied, and dare I say endless! 

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