Hygge ideas for the rainy season in Copenhagen

Masa Mesic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The seasons are slowing changing as we transition into fall and winter; the days are becoming shorter and colder. Even though Copenhagen and Denmark, in particular, are located in northern Europe, it’s the summer days that are long. 

Days during the winter months tend to be shorter, colder, and rainier. This is also the reason why Danes are the largest consumers of candles in Europe. A Dane will use up to six kilos of candle wax per year. Being cozy and spending quality time with friends and family is at the heart of the Danish culture. Although Danes love being active and spending time outdoors, as the seasons change, so do their habits. This article will give you a few ideas about what the locals are up and how to spend your time in Copenhagen during the colder, wet months. 

Coffee, cake and brunch

Bastard Café is your ideal place to check out in the morning or for an afternoon coffee break. Located in central Copenhagen, this café has 'hygge' written all over it, with its remarkable cozy interior and atmosphere. What makes this place popular and comfortable during the bad weather is its abundance of board games, including cards.    

© pixabay/pinoyvideogamer

Our next stop is in the Frederiksberg quarter. Ipsen & Co. is a fantastic café, which can be visited at any time of the day, though it serves a delicious brunch, which is highly recommended. Ipsen & Co. is well known for its pastries and cakes, but most importantly, its cozy and warm interior. If you visit the café in the winter months, make sure you order the mulled wine, with its winter spices.  

© Ipsen-og-co.

It’s time for afternoon design 

In case you don’t have afternoon plans, an ideal activity would be exploring the world of design. After all, Denmark is known for its high quality and variety of interior design. Louis Poulsen is a famous Danish lighting manufacturer. The Louis Poulsen brand consists of various kinds of lamps and lights inspired and designed by famous Danish designers, including Poul Henningsen (PH). As you travel through Denmark, or if you perhaps get to visit a Danish home, you will most probably come across a PH style lamp

© hivemodern

Speaking of Danish design and the crème de la crème, Normann Copenhagenis one of the 12 treasures of Europe”, according to the New York Times. This is not your ordinary department store or a shopping mall, but a concept store with unique creations full of Scandinavian design. In the store, you will find a touch of modern design items, which includes everything from furniture, lamps, tableware, candleholders, linen, and much more. 

© pixabay/La-Belle-Galerie

The world of jazz in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the perfect city when it comes to evening activities. Jazzhus Montmartre is probably one of the most famous jazz houses in the city. It dates back to the 1950s and has since hosted numerous jazz stars. It is one of the locals’ favorite, which during the day time serves as a bar and a café, while in the evening one can witness a more lively and busy atmosphere with proper concerts and live jazz music. 

© visitcopenhagen/Lars Gundersen

Not too far away from Jazzhus Montmartre, you will find Palæ Bar, another well-known jazz bar, and also the official host of the Copenhagen jazz festival, which takes place every summer. Palæ Bar is a special place where you can listen to live jazz all year round, but also play a game of chess in its cozy interior.   

© Palæ Bar

In case you are keen on traveling during the colder winter months, Copenhagen’s got your back. Take the opportunity to explore some of the most prominent Danish design shops, enjoy a cozy brunch, and play a game of cards. Round off your evening with superb jazz music in some of Copenhagen’s best jazz bars.

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