Get your hands messy with the best hamburgers in Budapest

Vivi Bencze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

In one of my latest articles, I already mentioned that the American food revolution has begun in the Hungarian capital, so I again suggest you taste a bit of the USA in Budapest. Recently, the hamburger business is** having a pretty good career in my country. This is basically great news, but at the same time, you can also bump into less good choices alike, which can be disappointing. Avoiding this nuisance, I will introduce you to the best** hamburger places, so that you can get your hands messy with no compunction.

Photo © Credit to Kesu01/iStockphoto

Bamba Marha Burger Bar

Let’s start with Bamba Marha Burger Bar, which was chosen as the fifth best hamburger place in Europe (!) recently – according to Big 7 Travels. The name means a goofy or oafish cow, which naturally guarantees that the hamburger meat is prepared of 100% beef. As for the place's brief story: in the spring of 2015, some good friends made a decision to conquer the city with their unique burgers – one of them being a famous so-called gastro blogger in Hungary. They opened one restaurant back then, but within the last four years, they opened three more. An instant success.

Photo © Credit to Jancsa Jani/BambaMarhaBurgerBar

Holy Cow by Panificio il Basilico

Szabolcs Szabadfi, the owner of the place, is a real innovator. A small* bakery was the first shop in Városmajor Street he opened, and now he owns a restaurant in Király Street, a gastro-centre in the fabulous riverside-town of Szentendre, but also a burger bar,** called Holy Cow running under the auspices of Panificio il Basilico**. The specialty is that everything is organic. Each and every ingredient is controlled. They produce everything by themselves, except for the meat, but it also comes from an ascertained farm. The burgers are frenetic: none of them is conventional. Szabadfi, in the beginning, dashed the idea of ​​a simple burger place and decided that the bakery products would determine the food in the first place. Instead of a classic bun, they use seedy pretzel, a brioche with cocoa, a pig-shaped bun or a donut*. Believe me, nothing is dull at this hamburger place!

Photo © Credit to Hungarian National Film Fund

Kandalló Pub

Kandalló basically started as a beer pub, where workers crafted domestic craft beers, which is extremely popular until nowadays. The idea was already great: you can stop by for a delicious beer in the middle of the city. But they wanted more than that, so the food menu was added. Altogether, there are three options when eating a hamburger here. My personal suggestion is actually their own classic one. Attention! It is for chicken lovers, but at the same time, the main reason why you should visit this joint: Kandalló Craft Pub.

Photo © Credit to Laszlo/WeLoveBudapest

Well, the long and the short of it is that I really recommend our capital's burger joints to be tried out. If you are in Hungary and being hungry, you should just visit one of these mentioned places and get your hands messy with the best hamburgers in Budapest. Don't even feel any pang of remorse afterwards!

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