Taste a bit of the USA in Budapest

Vivi Bencze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Budapest’s** hamburger revolution went to the next level just recently. The best quality already can be expected even in the smallest places - we could only dream about this a few years ago. The crazy spin of catering units in question has been huge during the past couple years: a bunch of restaurants closed, others have been opened, and the rest were transformed. Although, you are recommended to try traditional Hungarian restaurants and countryside cuisine or brunch places first, in case you come to my country, and you’d rather fancy some American food in your belly, here is my guide to the best places in the capital city. Taste a bit of the USA in Budapest!**

I55 American Bar & Restaurant

Deep dish pizza, jambalaya, steak, barbecue, monster shake, nachos are some of the inevitable dinings of overseas meals. Interstate 55 is a national highway across the United States – starting in Louisiana and ending in Chicago, and an appropriate name I55 American Bar & Restaurant was given to** the place in Budapest **that has embedded the whole American gastronomy to its menu.

Photo © credits to kikapcsolodok.blog.hu / Anita Bé

Smokey Monkies Bar-BQ 

Generally, Budapest’s luxury district Óbuda doesn’t have much to do with street food. You can find the most expensive and exclusive restaurants nearby, but locals wanted great food for a cheap price too, so the Smokey Monkies Bar-BQ was opened – as simple as that. The interior is simply beautiful and spacious, the staff is kind and informative, and I have great news for sports lovers too - there is a big-screen TV, thus you can follow the actual biggest games. Brace yourselves though, as there is a smoker machine working therefore. It’s a little smokey inside, but still acceptable. Besides hamburgers, you can try their sandwiches too, if you take my advice.

Photo © credits to flyerz.hu / Gihon

Budapest Barbecue Company

A sympathetic attitude and professionalism is not a coincidence at Budapest Barbecue Company: the owners of the place are siblings actually, and they are very experienced in hospitality. After many years of work, they started their own project together. They would like to feed Budapest with real BBQ meat for everyone’s biggest pleasure. In my opinion, this is the best place for you, if you are fond of the American lifestyle. Just have a long, deep conversation with a bottle of beer in your hands, listening to cool music, while your rib, sausage, pork or maybe pulled pork is getting into the finest condition.

Photo © credits to We Love Budapest / Norbert Juhász

As I mentioned above, Budapest is really an amazing place, where you can choose from a really wide selection of the finest hamburger places and other catering units. It’s really not that challenging to find a decent place to eat at, depending on your wish and taste. In a short time, I will come back and bring you even more examples on where to taste a bit of the USA in Budapest, so be prepared!

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