Get into the wild in the Lithuanian National Parks

Monika Grinevičiūtė | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Some of the European countries are famous for their crystal-clear waters and long beaches or thousands of sunny days. Lithuania is famous for its natural and fresh green forests. About 34% of Lithuania is covered by forests, even our capital city Vilnius is called one of the greenest capitals in Europe. To protect our green fields and authentic villages, our authorities proclaimed four national parks - Aukštaitijos, Žemaitijos, Dzūkijos and Kuršių Nerijos (Curonian Spit National Park) and one historical - Trakai Historical National Park. There you can find the ruins of the greatest castles and mounds, traditional small villages and picturesque landscapes. Lithuania is beautiful for its cold and clear lakes, blue sky and green forests. Why is worth visiting all the national parks in Lithuania? Keep reading and you will find out, before you get into the wild in the Lithuanian National Parks.

Aukštaitija National Park

First of all, what are the meanings of those national parks’ names you will ask. In Lithuania, there are four ethnographic regions - Aukštaitija, Dzūkija, Suvalkija, and Žemaitija. They have different dialects and some other ethnographic peculiarities that distinguish one region from another. Aukštaitija is the eastern part of Lithuania, and the name itself means something like the “Highland”. Aukštaitija National Park is the oldest national park in Lithuania. Its territory is 69 % covered by the forests, and it’s the second largest national park in Lithuania. There are 106 architectural and archaeological monuments, nine mounds and 116 villages (seven of them are ethnographic). The forests of this park are full of blueberries, wild strawberries, and mushrooms, and lakes are full of fish. In the park, there are plenty of lakes for swimming and campings for staying overnight.

Žemaitija National Park

As we cleared up about the “Highland”, Žemaitija is vice versa - it means “Lowland”, probably because it is near the seaside. Žemaitija National Park is famous for Plateliai Lake, long walking paths, nice forests, villages, and mounds. In the park, there is a post-soviet missile base, now turned into a Cold War museum. Plateliai Lake is a perfect place for sailing or just sunbathing. The National Park is located 45 km from the Baltic Sea, so it is a perfect stop before going to the seaside.

Dzūkija National Park

This national park is 85 % covered by the forests. Moreover, here are the biggest areas of mushrooms and berries. There is an old saying “Jei ne grybai ir ne uogos dzūkų mergos būtų nuogos//If not the mushrooms and the berries, Dzūkija’s girls would be naked”. So you can imagine that those goods are very important there. Besides the nice girls and mushrooms, in Dzūkija National Park, you will see incredible and almost ancient woods, traditional villages and rich nature. Dzūkija National Park is famous for numerous unique animals and plants. This National Park has the richest nature in all country.

Kuršių Nerijos National Park

This small peninsula of Kuršių Nerijos National Park contains Mysterious And Vulnerable Curonian Spit In Lithuania and Lithuanian Summer Paradise - Nida. Kuršių Nerija (Curonian Spit) is one of the most unique places in Lithuania, with the Baltic Sea, Curonian Lagoon, dead dunes and sandy beaches.

Trakai Historical National Park

Trakai Historical National Park is rich in lovely landscapes - hills and lakes, Trakai Castle and Trakai town, Old Trakai Castle and the Užutrakis manor house. Trakai Historical National Park was established in 1991 and it is the only one historical national park not only in Lithuania but in whole Europe.

Five big reasons why you should get wild - five must to visit Lithuanian National Parks. Perfect places to forget about the busy and hot cities or beaches full of tourists. There you will find relaxing forest’s rustle, deep clear lakes, berries and calm holidays, so do not wait - get into the wild in the Lithuanian National Parks.

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