Why falling in love with Lithuania is guaranteed?

Monika Grinevičiūtė | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Do you remember the book of Elizabeth Gilbert “Eat, pray, love”, when she had to discover three different countries to find good food, to pray and to fall in love? Maybe it sounds strange, but all those things you can experience in a small northern country - Lithuania. This is the country that is called Baltic Barcelona (with the biggest number of sunny days in the Baltics - 188 per year!), with just 3 million people, and its second religion - basketball. It has sandy gold dunes, dark woods, deep traditions and warm people. Thus, falling in love with this Baltic “amberis guaranteed, and here are some insider’s tips where to eat there and even pray.


Like in all northern countries, the main traditional dishes are made with potatoes, pork and seasonal vegetables. Yes, Lithuanians do love potatoes, and they have many different recipes with them - from most popular dish Cepelinai (“zeppelins”) to potato pancakes and pies! When you are visiting Lithuania, you definitely have to try Cepelinai. The craziest thing is you can find them everywhere: from stylish cafeterias to every grandma's kitchen. They are made with potato dough, stuffed with meat, mushrooms or cream cheese, served with cream sauce and bacon. Very fat but worth a try. When the sun is a rare guest in Lithuania, a pink soup helps to color the day. That’s why one of the most popular soups in Lithuania is the pink soup. Yes, pink! Made with beetroots and buttermilk, together with boiled eggs, spring onions and dills. Pink, cold and served with boiled potatoes - every Lithuanian’s dream in summer.


Legend says that once Napoleon Bonaparte visited Lithuania’s capital Vilnius, he was so impressed by the St. Anne's church that he wanted to take it to Paris. Fortunately, to transport churches is kind of a task, so Vilnius still has this Gothic style masterpiece. And not only Vilnius. Churches are spread all around Lithuania. From old wooden ones to gothic and baroque styles. Although Lithuania was the last country in Europe to accept Christianity, and it had hard times with Soviets, the religion is still visible here. One of the most significant pilgrimage locations is the Hill of Crosses. Located near the Šiauliai city, this site has more than 100 000 crosses in one place. And the view is spectacular.


From a breath of fresh air and summer evening's smell to green fields and woods full of wild strawberries, you definitely will fall in love with nature in Lithuania. Five national parks with lakes and forests, traditional open-air museums, unique walking paths - there is something to explore everywhere. And if your eyes will be full of green color, just visit the seaside of Lithuania – in Nida, you will find sandy gold dunes, the UNESCO heritage site. The view is very different from the rest of the country. Blue and cold Baltic sea is touching the gold sunny dunes, the small summer paradise in beautiful Lithuania. And if nature is not enough, you will find the love in every Lithuanian heart, in their tiny old towns streets, in their songs and dances.

So, falling in love with its long and romantic sunsets, wonderful churches, colorful meals, as well as ancient woods, gold sandy dunes and warm people is guaranteed. Summer is already here, and Lithuania is waiting for you.

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