Explore Budapest through its famous museums

Vivi Bencze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Budapest is exceptionally rich in cultural programs, just like Győr, where you can similarly get a culture shock, and I am about to prove that in my present article. Hungary’s capital city has a very remarkable history with a lot of ups and downs. My country has a great location, therefore it has always been a great strategic point, geographically and politically speaking. Moreover, it was also a world power for centuries. In order to keep it noted, Hungarians have built numerous museums. Thus, you have a great chance and wide selection to be a witness of our history and to explore Budapest through its famous buildings.

National Gallery

What else could be the home to the greatest Hungarian paintings, if not the National Gallery in Buda Castle? The four-storey wonderful building presents the masterpieces of our country from the Middle Ages. In case you suffer from a lack of time for some reason, and you must reduce the number of museums and other sights to visit in Budapest, the National Gallery is a must-see destination.

Photo © credit to ene/iStock

Hungarian National Museum 

The National Museum is my personal favourite of all. The huge stairs in front of the building regularly include countless lonely readers, a team of sunbathing students and contemplating people. Beyond the stairs, however, there is one of the most detailed exhibitions in regards to Hungarian' history. It can be found on the second floor of the neoclassical building, and the exhibition presents the history from the founding of the Hungarian state to the 1990s. The museum of our nation tells the history of the Hungarian people in 20 halls with contemporary yurts, utensils, jewels, clothes and combat equipment. The National Museum* *presents Hungarian history with its sadness and happiness. Without this knowledge, the country of Hungary and its citizens can be difficult to understand, so it is a significant and instructive sight.  

Photo © credit to BalkansCat/iStock

Museum of Fine Arts

Another frequently visited spot of cultural destinations is the Museum of Fine Arts, whose popularity originates from its permanent collections and all the high-quality seasonal exhibitions featuring absolute art. Its permanent exhibitions showcase the works of the biggest Italian, British and German masters, but its Spanish collection excels.  

Photo © credit to lkonya/iStock

Museum of Applied Arts

Built in 1896, in Art Nouveau style, the Museum of Applied Arts is one of the most beautiful buildings in the Hungarian capital. The core of its collection is the masterpieces of European art from the Middle Ages to the present days. In addition to exhibitions featuring its own artifacts, it welcomes domestic and foreign guest exhibitions, presenting works of both old and contemporary arts and crafts.

Photo © credit to Fülöp Dániel Mátyás/24.hu

Well, that's all for now, but trust me, there are plenty more cultural places that will come your way in Budapest. To sum it all up, if you are interested in arts, if you are a lover of history, I suggest you start with these amazing museums and beautiful buildings at the same time. I am also fond of other nations' individual history, but if you are detecting ours, you are supposed to explore it through these famous museums firstly. 

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