Experience the Gothenburg Archipelago

Maria Lundin Osvalds | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The Gothenburg archipelago is famous for its beauty. With over 20 islands to choose from, it’s tricky knowing where to go. That’s why I’ve put together five of my favorite destinations in the archipelago.

The Gothenburg archipelago is a group of islands easily reachable from Gothenburg. The archipelago is divided between the south and the north and stretches along the Swedish west coast. It is not as big as the Stockholm archipelago, but definitely as popular. People travel to the islands for the stunning nature, the beaches and cliffs, and the picturesque old fishing villages.

All of the islands in the archipelago are easily reached, so you have the opportunity to experience a lot of different places even if you are visiting for only a weekend.

© Flickr/ Kullez

The south

The southern part of the archipelago is car-free, which makes it a perfect destination for those wishing to wind down and experience the unique Swedish nature.

A good start of your trip around the archipelago is the island called Donsö. With its typical red fishing huts lined up around the harbor, Donsö greets every visitor in a very scenic way. From the hills of Donsö, you can look out over the entire archipelago.

Another island worth the visit is Vrångö. All the unhabituated parts of the island are today part of a well-maintained nature reserve, with several hiking trails and vast meadows. Vrångö is a place where you can enjoy the calmness of nature.

© Pxhere

The north

The north part of the archipelago is easily reached from Gothenburg. From here, you can take one of the car ferries that go to the different islands. The ferry first arrives at Hönö. Hönö Klöva is home to the museum Fiskemuseum, which is the perfect place if you want to learn more about the archipelago’s history. Don’t miss to visit the stunning nature reserve that covers large parts of the island. It is famous for having the best rock climbing in the whole of the Gothenburg archipelago. If you’re not into rock climbing, the scenery still makes the area worth the visit.

You should also do a stopover at the islands Öckerö and Hälsö. Discover the oceanic beauty of the archipelago and rent a boat or a kayak to experience the calmness of the sea. Get some historical knowledge and pop over to Hälsö to visit the remains from the old fishing settlements along the coast.

Traveling along the coastline, you will hear people play with the wording, changing the west coast to the best coast. This is partly due to a friendly division between the two biggest cities in Sweden – Stockholm that lies on the east coast and Gothenburg in the west. But after a visit to the Gothenburg archipelago, you might just agree that the west coast is the best coast.

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