Escape into nature: the hidden walkways in Lithuania

Monika Grinevičiūtė | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Even though seemingly, Lithuania is just a country with beautiful Vilnius Old Town, and Curonian Spit charm, the real power of this country is hidden in the woodlands. With the forests stretched across the country and national parks, Lithuania is among Europe's greenest countries. Rich with the ancient woods and unique flora and fauna, my country is a little pearl for devoted travelers and nature lovers. So, if it seems that you traveled everywhere in Lithuania, or you feel weary and need new adventures, you should escape into nature and explore the hidden walkways and ancient forests of Lithuania

1500-year-old Lithuanian cemetery and Karmazinai cognitive walkway

From the oldest times in Lithuania, it was believed that forests are the spiritual and magical places. It was believed that since Lithuanians were born in the woods, the remains of the previous lives can still be ascertained there. 

Picture © Credits to Wikimedia Commons/Anaiptol

Sandwiched between the right bank of the Neris River and the Neris Regional Park, the Karmazinai cognitive walkway is a hidden mythological trail.  The Karmazinai cognitive trail is stretched alongside the Neris River for 1,5 kilometers, after that, the trail leads to the forest, near the mythological cliff called Velniakampis (lit. Devils' cliff). The total distance of the path is 6 kilometers. The cliff Velniakampis has been known for centuries, among local people as it was believed that on the top of the 60 meters high cliff, the devils and witches used to feast. Nowadays, the cliff attracts visitors mainly for its view of the Neris River and pinewoods. In the woods, you can find the remains of the Baltic tribesmen settlement from the 5th-8th centuries A.D. - the restored barrows (3  out of 140) are the only ones of this type in Lithuania. These barrows are the perfect example of the ancient Lithuanian cemetery, which was used 1500 years ago. 

Picture © Credits to flickr/Marijus Medišauskas

Secrets of the swamp

Have you imagined yourself walking above the swamp? The Mūšos Tyrelis walking trail is the only one of this kind Lithuania - the trail is made from the wood above the swamp and its spread for 3,6 kilometers. It is the longest wooden trail in Lithuania above the wetland. The path has 11 informational stands written in English, with the relevant information about the swamp and its inhabitants. As all swamps in Lithuania, this one has lovely nature, and it's surrounded with legends. It was believed that this wetland is full of spirits, and it was forbidden to go there in the dark. Curiously, on one of the trees in the swamp, you can find a small chapel. It was built for a woman, who long time ago went to the swamp to pick berries and never came back. Perhaps the marsh during the daylight is more relaxed, and you can enjoy the beautiful views all along the trail. The trail is located 15 kilometers from Žagarė town, in the northern part of Lithuania

Picture © Credits to Wikimedia Commons/Vilensija
Picture © Credits to Wikimedia Commons/Vilensija

Walking alongside junipers 

The Juniper Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Lithuania, and in 2010, the European Destinations of Excellence commission recognized the Juniper Valley as one of the areas with the highest touristic potential. The valley can be explored by the cognitive trail of the botanical reserve of Arlaviškės. The path is 1,3 kilometers long wooden pathway, settled alongside the Nemunas River and Juniper Valley. The valley is very loved among various Lithuanian birds, so it is always possible to hear their song. The walkway is located near Kaunas city. 

Picture © Credits to Wikimedia Commons/Aidas U.

Hidden walkways in Lithuania are the perfect escapes from the hustle of the city life. The ancient sacred places and legends surrounding cliffs and swamps, Lithuanian nature has always been a place full of mythology. These trails will lead you deep into the woods and valleys, full of these surreal stories and beautiful nature

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