Get ready for a delicious Cherry Festival in Žagarė

Monika Grinevičiūtė | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Žagarė, the northern city of Lithuania, from the oldest times was famous for its unique species of cherry trees. Since 2005, Žagarė Cherry Festival happens every year and attracts more and more visitors, as well as famous Lithuanian musicians and artists. The stars of the festival are cherries and all products made with it. The cherry market is full of delicious cherry jams, cheeses, candies, fresh cherries, and even cherry saplings. Besides delightful cherries and colorful festival, Žagarė is a town of rich  history and nature. So, get ready to explore this beauty.

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Festival and its musicians

The festival takes place each year in mid-July* *and lasts for three to four days. The main attraction of the festival is a concert full of famous Lithuanian singers - from techno, electronic, indie rock music to the most famous songs from my grandma's repertoire. The festival offers music for everyone's taste. Also, the Žagarė Cherry Festival holds various exhibitions, sports tournaments, trotter horse race, and numerous other attractions. 

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A market full of cherries

The market of the festival offers many cheery products and other Lithuanian handmade, folk art, and handicraft items. Additionally, here you will find our culinary heritage (traditional black bread, curd cheese, apple cheese, honey, products from meat), and other tasty food products. Festival's market takes place at Žagarė Manor Park. The market usually opens the day before the festival, so it is better to come earlier to enjoy the less crowded market and explore the regional park of Žagarė. 

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Žagarė Regional Park

Žagarė Regional Park is a little park rich with caps and other natural beauties formed during the glacier period. The main reason why this region is well-known for its cherry species is unique. The caps of dolomites affected the rise of particular cherry sorts known as "Žagarvyšnės." The dolomites are placed under a thin layer of moraine and can be seen from the exposure of Žagarė. The town of Žagarė is more than 800 years old, and various periods of history can be explored in the complex of Žagarė Manor houses. The park of Žagarė Manor is proud of a rare plant called "Astrantia major", better known as "the Great masterwort". Also, the forests of this park have a wealthy population of royal stags.

Picture © Credits to Wikimedia Commons/Algirdas

Summer in Lithuania is amazing. Weather is warm, meadows are blooming, people are happy, and all the forest and gardens are full of delicious fruits and berries. Cherries are one of the main berries in Lithuania, and the Žagarė region is very proud of their authentic species of cherry trees. The best time to explore this region is mid-July, when the Žagarė Cherry Festival takes place as well. So, if you are a cherry lover, get ready to visit Lithuania soon. 

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