Diary of a Polish foodie - vegan Warsaw

Anna Kowalska | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Recently Warsaw found itself in the sixth position of the Happy Cow's ranking of the best vegan cities in the world. This impressive title proves that there are multiple places in the Polish capital serving vegan food deriving from many cuisines and the number is still growing. I am going to present a few of them, trying to point out the places that serve unique tastes, and have a great atmosphere. Here is another chapter of the diary of a Polish foodie: vegan Warsaw

©Anna Kowalska

The Vegan Ramen Shop

If you think of heaven on Earth of vegan cuisine, this place is its embodiment. The Vegan Ramen Shop is run by young people who are the true lovers of the trade. You will not find there just a simple replacement for meat-based broth. The interesting taste compositions are a mix of seasonal vegetables, mushrooms, and perfectly-fitted spices. All served in a very nice, modern atmosphere in two locations in Warsaw. VRS became a cult place and recently got even a recommendation from Gault&Millau. This is also a pet-friendly place - you can bring your dog (they have a special Instagram account where they post photos of their animal clients). Beware that the portions are very big and you might have problems finishing one soup by yourself, but you will surely be tempted to do so when you discover their amazing tastes.

Krowarzywa burgers

Krowarzywa already became quite an iconic place, with multiple branches in the biggest cities of the country. Probably the first big chain of vegan restaurants, they earned a place of the best burger makers that will definitely also satisfy the meat lovers (the company won the award for the best burger in Warsaw twice, beating the traditional recipes). Their offer recently expanded - apart from soy and other plant-based 'hamburgers' you can also try bowls or kebabs. All accompanied by fresh vegetables and tasty sauces (especially the vegan mayo!). Each month they change the offer of the seasonal dish, depending on the time of the year.

Edamame Vegan Sushi

© Edamame Vegen Sushi/author unknown

If you think that vegan sushi is only cucumber and avocado, you could not be more wrong. Edamame proves that it is possible to create interesting tasty compositions based on plants. There you can try baked aubergines, tomatoes or different variants of mushrooms all put together in perfect rolls. Apart from sushi classics, you can also try a tasty soup or a salad. In the summer you can enjoy some ice cream dessert after your lunch on their street terrace.

Lokal Vegan Bistro

Lokal Vegan Bistro will be the best place to try a traditional Polish lunch classic - pork cutlet with mashed potatoes and salad, in a vegan version. Their menu, joining regional tastes with international cuisines, is based on two-weeks rotation so each time you get there you might have a chance to try something new. Everything is very tasty, served in a small venue, in central Warsaw.

Tel Aviv Urban Food

Tel Aviv, located on Poznańska Street is a great place for going out in the evening. They serve Israeli cuisine in a strictly vegan form, together with a great choice of beverages (also vegan wines!). The best is to choose a selection of meze (small dishes, such as hummus, baba ganoush or muhammara) to share with your friends. This way you will be able to try many various tastes. The menu is quite long so you will definitely have something to choose from! The place was mentioned in Gault&Millau guides three times and it only proves the visit is worth spending your time in Warsaw

Momencik Burrito

© Momencik Vegan Burritos & Tacos/author unknown

Momencik burrito shop is a good option for those who like to eat a lot. Here, the traditional Mexican dish is perfected to a masterpiece. Choosing from various fillings you can try those based on jackfruit, soybeans or black beans, accompanied by various vegetables or vegan cheese. It is also worth trying their pineapple sauce as it is just perfect. Apart from enormous burritos, Momencik serves smaller bites, such as delicious tacos and nachos. Yum!

Perhaps this list could be even longer. Such a big variety of vegan restaurants makes it hard to choose from but also makes you very happy you can try different dishes every time you go out. This was the last chapter of the diary of the Polish foodie that presented the selection of local vegans' favorite restaurants in  Warsaw.

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