Deseda is the name of South West Hungary’s fishing paradise

Vivi Bencze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

You don’t even have to like fishing to visit Lake Deseda, a paradise of South West Hungary’s fishermen, as its flora and fauna, water sports facilities and many more offer great fun and relaxing things to do. Therefore, at Lake Deseda, it’s pretty likely that every single one of us will find its own individually favourite free-time activity. The lake itself is primarily known for its unique fish stock, but besides that, you can go for a bike tour here, get to know the area’s wildlife and even try out the wakeboard at the southern heel of the lake. If you are curious about the location of Hungary’s longest artificial pond, here is the answer: only 50 kilometres from the centre of Lake Balaton to the southern direction. Don’t forget to jump in the thermal waters of Zalakaros and to visit Siófok either, as they are both only one-hour ride from here, but now let’s get acquainted with Deseda!

44-year-old second home to fishermen

The pond was initially created by bloating the likewise-named creek to generate a flood reservoir next to one of Dunántúl’s biggest cities - Kaposvár (Dunántúl is a region of Hungary, which means “beyond the Danube”). The chosen territory of prospective pond got closed by a dam, and in a short period of time, the little creek became a second home to the neighbourhood’s fishermen, and it is celebrating its 44-year-old existence this year. Beyond being an excellent spot for the lovers of fishing (in 2017 a fishing world cup took place here), the 8-kilometre-long lake with its 26-kilometre-perimeter, storing 8,2 million cubic meter water instantly got the reputation of one of the region’s favourite spare time destinations. In the lake, such kinds of fish can be found like carps, amurs, breams, carps, pikes, catfish, pikes and even Koi carps.

We shall divide the lake into two parts, as the northern half of it is firstly for those who come for relaxing, fishing and discovering the beauty of nature, while the southern region is rather for those who fancy water sports. Here, you can even take part in an electric-boat tour for a ridiculously low amount of money. During winters, in certain parts of the lake, even ice rinks are evolved. The reservoir and its environment have been declared as a protected nature reserve, which also proves that Deseda is rightfully a true fishing paradise of South West Hungary. There is no way you get disappointed if you give it a chance and experience this hidden gem of our wonderful nature.

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