Denmark's Coastal Town of Esbjerg

Masa Mesic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Esbjerg is an excellent destination for everyone; from waterparks, museums, nature, and great shopping, this town has it all. Esbjerg is located on Denmark’s west coast, north from the German border and close to the city of Billud- home to the famous Legoland. 

Why do you need to visit this amazing town on the west coast of Jutland? The charm behind Esbjerg is its location right off the North Sea and Wadden sea, and the fact that it’s surrounded by stunning nature. By the way, the Wadden Sea is not only a national park, but also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Esbjerg is a great location for families, as well as anyone else who wants to experience a true Danish summer surrounded by nature. Once in Esbjerg, you may decide to take a day trip and visit its neighboring island of Fanø.    

Visit Esbjerg Fisheries and Maritime Museum

As Esbjerg is a coastal sea town, it would be most logical to make your first stop at the Fisheries and Maritime Museum; this is also a fun place for kids to explore and they get free entry. At the museum, you can venture around various areas, including the open-air exhibition, which is basically a small harbor with shipyards presented to visitors, exactly like during the Second World War. You will also see the Saltwater Aquarium with some of the rarest fish, and the Sealarium, which is home to four different seals.

Picture © Credits to visitesbjerg/fimus

Relax and wellness

If you are looking for a more relaxing and indoor activity, then head over to the Svømmestadion Denmark Waterpark. This place is ideal for kids and adults, as it has the largest swimming and water facilities in the country. The facilities also include a wellness section, in order to provide you with maximum holiday vibes.  

Picture © Credits to istock/frankix

Outdoor activities

In case you are visiting the region in the summer time, there are plenty of outdoor activities that you can do. Getting a guided tour is highly recommended, as you will be able to learn more about the region and Wadden sea, but also to take part in fun activities, such as seal tours, bird tours, and oyster safari.   

Picture © Credits to istock/pixinoo

Esbjerg is also well known for its beaches. You might not believe it, but Denmark has some amazing sandy beaches. One of them is Hjerting beach, with over 600 meters of wooden promenade. The beach area is also well equipped with benches and sunbeds and has numerous sporting possibilities. Why not organise a game of beach volleyball or go kite surfing for a few hours?! In case you are looking for an even bigger adventure, you can try waterskiing or rent out a kayak.    

Picture © Credits to istock/CaptureLight
Picture © Credits to istock/frankix

Man Meets the Sea sculpture

Last but definitely not least, you have to go and visit the unique sculpture of "Man Meets the Sea". This enormous sculpture was set up in 1994 when Esbjerg celebrated its 100th anniversary as an independent municipality. This incredible piece of art is located around 4 kilometers away from the Esbjerg city, along the seashore. The white concrete of the sculpture represents the existence of a pure and innocent human being.   

Picture © Credits to istock/Esbjerg Byhistoriske Arkiv

Where to stay

Within an hour driving from Esbjerg, you can find this lakeside glamping in Egtved. This fully quipped tent is situated in the idyllic birch forest with beautiful and warm surroundings. Fun part, during summer season you get to enjoy free live music.  Don't forget to use the coupon code "LTW10" when you book for an extra 10% off discount!

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