Denmark’s Fanø Island

Masa Mesic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

One of the many secret gems of Denmark is found in the western part of the Danish coast and part of the Wadden Sea. The large archipelago that extends from Holland, through Germany and all the way to Denmark, is known as the Frisian Islands.

A smaller cluster of Danish islands is composed of Rømø, Fanø and Mandø, which are located at a rather near proximity to the main land. This region of islands, especially Fanø is best known for its bird life, seals and oysters

Picture © Credits to istock/meinzahn

Fanø is located in the northern part of the Wadden Sea National Park and is listed in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It was also ranked as the best natural site, in all of Denmark in 2017.  

Fanø is best known for its stunning nature and animal life- mainly birds and seals-, but also for its wide range of events, which take place during the course of the year. Such events are the seal safari, a knitting festival, an international kite meeting, an international dragon-fly festival, an international golf tournament- Fanø golfuger  and many more! For any oyster fans out there, the island of Fanø hosts a yearly oyster festival, which usually takes place in October. 

Picture © Credits to istock/7000

In other words, if you visit Fanø you will not be bored.   

Fanø is also known for its beautiful sandy beaches, which are 1 kilometre wide, thus making it an excellent destination to experience a Danish summer. Fanø Island has a population of around 500 seals, which rest on the sandbank of the beaches in the south-western part of the island.      

Picture © Credits to istock/linusstorm

As you spend time on the coast and by the sea you can also book an oyster trip, during which you will have the chance to learn more about the life of oysters and their presence in the Wadden Sea. Of course, you will be able to taste the oysters you have collected during your hunt- grilled and raw, along with a delicious glass of champagne. 

Picture © Credits to istock/lisovskaya

Another great activity you can do is tour the island by bike through the island's small cycling paths and picturesque nature, all the way to the beach sand dunes. If you are lucky and quiet enough you might also come across a few deers, including the red deer. In case you are traveling light, you can always rent one of the local bikes. For a fun and safe adventure, it’s best to get a cycling map from the local tourist office in the main city, Nordby

Picture © Credits to istock/7000

As you stroll down the beach banks, keep your eyes open for amber, especially around seaweed and in shallow waters. During windy weather and storms, the sea washes up this precious fossil, which when sanded and polished, is a world famous material for jewellery making. 

Picture © Credits to istock/jeancliclac

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