Chiatura - an ancient city with the ropeways

Anano Chikhradze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

While exploring Georgia, you will realize that this process might be just endless as there are more place than it is known to the tourists. Now, I am going to tell you about a small town Chiatura, that is hidden in the Imereti Region. This ancient city is very interesting and attractive for its history and the ropeways.


In 1954, the very first ropeway was constructed in Chiatura, which happened to be the first one in the whole Soviet Union as well. Chiatura is mentioned even before the Christian era. It is interesting not only for its visitors but the archaeologists as well. Around Chiatura** **there are huge cliffs where you will find lots of amazing caves. According to the historical facts, those caves served as shelters for the Georgians during the invasions. While watching these cliffs, you will be surprised by the fact that people could climb on it, because they are very difficult to reach even for the experienced alpinist.

In 2009, in one of the caves of Chiatura, the archaeologists found a very old flax thread. Before that, people were assuming that the oldest thread was explored in the Czech Republic, that is 29 000 years old. However, after the examinations, the experts from all around the world have concluded that the flax thread, that was found in** Chiatura,** is 34 000 years old, which makes it the oldest one in the world.

The creation of Chiatura is linked with the obtaining of the manganese in that territory, that started in 1879. And the first ropeway connected the city center to the industrial district. After the first ropeway, they added 20 more, which turned out to be too many for this small place. Chiatura** is a unique town exactly because of that. Its main mean of transport was a ropeway**.

Chiatura today

Currently, only two ropeways are working, and two more are under construction. The city has a very old face, and you will immediately notice that the reconstructions have not been conducted for a long time. The cabins of the ropeway* **are also very old and without glasses. You will also see the buildings from the time when Stalin* was alive. So, this place is exciting for the history lovers. While being in Chiatura, visitors feel a spirit of the Soviet Union.

While traveling by a ropeway, you can hear a noise of the rusty iron. As it is over the river, at some pointn in the middle of the journey, you will start thinking about the depth of this river in case of some accident. It is strange, but this old ropeway attracts more and more visitors, especially extreme lovers. Many people are interested in this town, as there were very many ropeways.

Today, they are “frozen” like the ghosts, only two of them are "disturbing" this calmness. You will enjoy breathtaking views from the top, and all of your fears will melt away. I think it is worth to visit Chiatura, an ancient city with the ropeways, and feel the power of the past.

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