Banja Vrućica, Bosnia’s biggest hot spring & health spa

Ljiljana Krejic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

From Roman times to our days, the region of present-day Bosnia & Herzegovina has been known for its thermal waters and hot springs. The healing properties of balneotherapy have been appreciated by all the empires that invaded this region and locals who developed a genuine spa culture, such as in Banja Luka spas. However, Banja Vrućica takes first place in Bosnia & Herzegovina when it comes to the top spa destinations. With a recently improved complex of four hotels and over 1000 beds, Banja Vrućica is Bosnia’s biggest hot spring and health spa. Located near the town Teslić in the northern part of the country, Banja Vrućica has a long tradition as a well-being center. Romans, Ottomans, Austro-Hungarians – they all recognized its therapeutic potential. 

A history of Banja Vrućica

In a picturesque setting of deciduous and coniferous forests of Mt. Borja and Mt. Vučja Planina (both higher than 1000 m), Banja Vrućica is nestled in the valley of Usora River. This beautiful mix already creates an ideal backdrop for relaxing and unwinding. And when on top of the clean air and pleasing landscapes you add healing thermal water, you get a true health oasis. Even the origin of its name, “vrućica” (which means “a hot spring”), indicates what it stands for. Ever since, local people knew that the spring water near Grabovac creek had healing properties, and they used it daily. Known as admirers of thermal sources, Old Romans were the first who recognized the healing properties of these mineral springs. The Ottomans, famous for their bath culture, were even more impressed by this therapeutic water. But the Austro-Hungarians were the first who conducted scientific studies on the potential of Vrućica thermal springs. Based on that, the first spa facilities were built in 1919. 

Health benefits

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Let’s now talk about the health benefits of Banja Vrućica. Coming from the depths of the earth, this thermal mineral water gets heated by hot rocks, and that is how it dissolves the minerals. Thanks to this process, mineral water has a high concentration of negative ions, which contributes to the physical and mental well-being of balneotherapy. As a result, this spa complex achieves excellent results in treating cardiovascular, rheumatological, digestive, gynaecological and psychosomatic diseases. Additionally, they have a well-equipped laboratory and diagnostic center, a hyperbaric chamber, a salt room and a Russian cedar steam sauna. 

Wellness benefits

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Besides the treatments of diseases, Banja Vrućica has a wide wellness offer – from stress and fatigue relief, improved concentration and memory to health preservation. For this purpose, this spa has a range of facilities – indoor and outdoor swimming pools with thermal water, different saunas, a fitness center, etc. Their outdoor swimming pool with 650 m2 of water is the biggest in Bosnia & Herzegovina. In addition, four hotels equipped with conference rooms and other facilities make Banja Vrućica the best and largest congress center in the country. Lastly, the surrounding mountains offer great hiking, biking, hunting and fishing possibilities. 

Where to stay 

If you are in the area only for a day or two and did not book your accommodation in the spa complex, which is often overbooked due to its popularity, do not worry. You can still enjoy all these hot springs' benefits and healing properties** **while staying in some private accommodations. For instance, you can book this lovely apartment and get free bikes to reach the spa easily at your convenience. Alternatively, you can opt for this recently built property, which also offers an airport shuttle service to Banja Luka Airport. 

A true wellbeing therapy

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If you first arrive in Banja Luka, I am sure you do not want to miss the walking tour that, in two hours gives you the best insights into one of the most beautiful cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. And when you start being tired of walking, it is the right time to move on towards the renowned spa and wellness center in Banja Vrućica. This top spa destination and its green oasis near the town of Teslić will offer you true well-being therapy. After you relax your body, you might also be looking for spiritual therapy. In that case, I recommend visiting a nearby Liplje Monastery, a secluded sanctuary from the 13th century.        

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