Discover Teslić, a remarkably captivating town

Ljiljana Krejic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Snuggled on the lush rolling hills of Mt. Borja and stretched along the Usora River valley lies a tiny town called Teslić. This charming town is located only 20 km southwest of Doboj, the biggest city in the northern part of central Bosnia & Herzegovina. Rich with hot springs and mineral watersTeslić has been on the map of settlers and travelers since the Roman times. But even the prehistoric man was attracted by this area, as evidenced by the excavations in the surrounding caves. Besides, Teslić is also home to one of the most beautiful sacred places in the country. So, whether you are a nature enthusiast, a spa lover or perhaps a faith seeker, this remarkably captivating town has something for you. So, let’s discover Teslić together.

Mt. Vučja Planina & Mt. Borja

Picture © Credits to Facebook/Turistička organizacija opštine Teslić

Mt. Vučja Planina (Wolves’ mountain), with its highest peak that reaches 1378 m of altitude, is the most beautiful mountain in the area of Teslić. Besides coniferous forests and vast green pastures, it boosts in crystal clear mountainous springs and waterfalls. The most popular outdoor activities are hiking and hunting, complemented by splendid views. Mt. Vučja Planina is also known as the place where every year an event called “Ovnovijada” (traditional ram fights) is organized.

Picture © Credits to Hajdučke vode

Mt. Borja and its highest peak Velika Runjevica (1078 m) are more friendly mountains that offer plenty of possibilities for long walks and active holidays. Cross-country skiing and alpine skiing are quite popular during the winter months. On the slopes of Mt. Borja, at an altitude of 810 m, one can find the sport and recreation centre Hajdučke vode. This complex offers numerous facilities for different sports activities, as well as walking and cycling trails.

Liplje Monastery & a wooden church

Picture © Credits to panoramio/ducic

At the foothills of Mt. Borja, some 25 km from Teslić, erects the alluring Liplje Monastery. Hidden in the area that boosts in untouched nature, this medieval Orthodox monastery dates back to the 13th century and is an endowment of Serbian King Dragutin (1276-1282). A fairy-tallish scenery of the monastery that stands in perfect symbiosis with surrounding landscapes doesn’t leave you indifferent. Its imposing size, impressive history and artistic legacy make Liplje Monastery one of the most important religious sites in Bosnia & Herzegovina. In its long and turbulent history, Liplje Monastery played an important role as a scriptorium of religious books. In the 17th century, the monastery was burnt by the Ottomans, and the monks had to flee the complex. It took almost three centuries before the monastic life was re-established in Liplje Monastery in 1965. Also, in the proximity of the town of Teslić, you can see a wooden church dating back to 1642, that was built in only one day. 

Rastuša Cave, an archaeological Eldorado

Picture © Credits to Facebook/Turistička organizacija opštine Teslić

Rastuša Cave is an important Palaeolithic and archaeological site located in the same name village, on the eastern side of Hrnjino brdo, some 17 km of Teslić. This archaeological Eldorado, as the British archaeologists call it, dates back to the Ice Age. It contains the remains of prehistoric man, as well as cave bears, cave lions and cave rhino (20 000 years old). The length of the explored canals in the cave is 570 meters, and a 450-meter-long track has been arranged and illuminated for sightseeing tours. The interior of the cave is rich in the cave ornaments. Especially attractive are the cave walls covered by patterns known as “tiger’s skin”. 

Banja Vrućica, Bosnia’s biggest spa

Picture © Credits to Facebook/ZTC Banja Vrucica

When your outdoor and spiritual tour of Teslić comes to an end, you might dream of a place to relax. In that case, Banja Vrućica, the most famous spa resort in Bosnia & Herzegovina, situated only 5 km from Teslić, should be your choice. With a recently improved complex of four hotels, Banja Vrućica is Bosnia’s biggest hot spring and health spa. This complex has a long tradition as a well-being center. Romans, Ottomans, Austro-Hungarians – they all recognized its therapeutic potentials. Nestled in the valley of Usora River and surrounded by deciduous forests of Mt. Borja and Mt. Vučja Planina, Banja Vrućica has an ideal backdrop for relaxing and unwinding. And when on the top of the clear air and pleasing landscapes comes the healing thermal water, you get a true health oasis. So, when discovering Teslić, a remarkably captivating town, this top spa destination and its green retreat are a must for a true wellbeing therapy.

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