A District-By-District Guide of Amsterdam's Clubbing Hotspots: Amsterdam West

Iz Elwood | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Hailed as the most diverse boroughs of the city, the West is a microcosm of Amsterdam. From shopping to fine dining, cozy coffee corners to set-in-stone pubs, there’s nothing more enticing than wandering the vast Western district. Now when it comes to nightlife, you are not short on places to go. Amsterdam West is Amsterdam's HOTTEST Clubbing-Hotspot!

An article curated with ❤ and 🍺for PartyWith, the free app that connects people who love to party. Hi, I’m Izzy and I used to work with the amazing PartyWith team in Amsterdam. Today I write for them on Itinari, sharing my best tips about nightlife in Europe. Join me on the app and never party alone again💃!

De School

The club was originally a school that was converted into a multi-purpose space. De School is a nightclub, music venue, cultural center and restaurant all in one. The club’s preference to showcase local DJs makes it a little tricky to get in the door. But once you can show that you are a true music lover and techno-enthusiasts, you'll be welcomed to a whole new auditory experience. The club is conveniently located in the old school’s bicycle storage area, which is in the basement. Unlike most venues, De School has a 24/7 permit and is opened every day.

© Photo credit by Henny Vogelaar via flickr.


WesterUnie is an industrial-style club for partygoers looking to start the night off with a bang. With a spacious dance hall, no-nonsense decor and over-the-top performances, you can expect lasers, strobe lights and excessive light shows to accommodate the techno, house and acid nights. Although the decor is ‘rough-around-the-edge’ with no-frill concrete and brick walls, it is centrally located on the beautiful grounds of Westerpark. By nightfall, you can expect a pumping vibe with every party held at this location.


Thuishaven is a hot outdoor and indoor location in the far west of Amsterdam. Every weekend during summer-time is like a mini day-festival at Thuishaven. During Winter-time they close-up the space and heat-up the tents for some magical Wintercircus all-day parties. From Full Weekenders to 10-hours non-stop DJ-set Specials to Day and Night parties, this cultural safe haven is one of Amsterdam's best party locations and organisation.

What makes it so special? Far enough to avoid any neighbours,* Thuishaven has a unique programme and colourful festival approach to day and night parties. Oh, and they also have a laughing-gaz bar!*

© Photo credit by Jaap Beyleveld (via facebook)


OT301 is also part of my top selection for Amsterdam's best techno nights. Former Cinema academy turned squat with a nice 'n filthy edge. OT301 is a communal space, unpretentious and sometimes plain insane. It is open all week long for different cultural events and music-alike. The looks and feels of the place attracts a very open-minded crowd. The perfect place to release the stress of the week and dance like there's no tomorrow.

© Photo credit by Rene Passet (via flickr)


To all ravers looking for a place to take them home: a place like VLLA is hard to find and easy to love! Club VLLA is curating some of the most interesting electronic music nights in Amsterdam. The open-minded crowd and intimate locations makes VLLA feel like one of those rare free dance floors the city so desperately needs. Read more about my love for Club VLLA on my article and review of The 7 Best Techno Clubs in Amsterdam in 2017.

© Photo courtesy by VLLA.


Food, drinks, music and kind people. This is how BRET defines itself and rightfully so. Made of assembled shipping containers, this bright-red and cool looking venue is located right next to the train and shuttle bus station of Amsterdam Sloterdijk. Commuters riding to the end west side of the city have now found a purpose (besides catching a bus): BRET! It's a beautiful place to co-work during the afternoon and have a healthy dinner and drinks with music before putting on your dance shoes. From music-label launch nights to all-nighter LIVE and DJ-sets, BRET's musical agenda has never ceased to impress me. Friday nights at BRET start funky and soulful from 7pm and switch to a full club night with House vibes after midnight. Saturday nights are aimed to House and Techno lovers.

Warehouse Elementenstraat

The location has been around for 20 years and has quiet a bit of history (read more here). Warehouse Elementestraat is now home to the biggest techno promoters of The Netherlands and beyond. Thanks to the nightclub's 24-hours licence, some "Reaktor" nights go on till 10am and Amsterdam Dance Event has a safe home-base for 50-hour long club marathons.

De Marktkantine

De Marktkantine is a nightclub and most popular choice among music lovers of all age and genres. The dance floor is round and big and the sound-system is on point! De Marktkantine is also home to one of the most original, creative and high-quality music collectives of The Netherlands, called "The Gardens of Babylon". The Nightclub has more of a Deep-House and all-House music identity, but also hosts Techno, Dnb and more Funky sounds. Club nights run every Friday and Saturday from 11pm till 5am. Check out their agenda for their special high-end artists selection for long summer nights.

© Photo courtesy by Marktkantine, (Gardens of Babylon)


RADION is a nightclub and cultural hotspot in Amsterdam. Famous for their hard-banging techno nights, RADION's events program also includes the occasional concerts, live performances and exhibitions. The club was granted a 24-hours permit in 2015 and transforms itself into techno headquarters during Amsterdam Dance Event. RADION is a on-of-a-kind location and an absolute clubbing hotspot for all techno lovers and party animals.

© Photo credit by Rene Passet

An article curated with ❤ and 🍺 for PartyWith, the free app that connects people to nightlife.

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