A District-By-District Guide of Amsterdam's Clubbing Hotspots: Amsterdam East

Iz Elwood | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The eastern part of Amsterdam (Amsterdam Oost in Dutch) offers a combination of modern and traditional establishments coexisting side by side: from Turkish bakeries to trendy restaurants & bars - with a more hipster vibe. A walk around the district will reveal the beautiful nature of Oosterpark, which provides a touch of green that is often sought after in the city. By nightfall, experience the whimsical scenic walks away from the hectic city center, on your way to the club and the Eastern district's nightlife.

An article curated with ❤ and 🍺 for PartyWith, the free app that connects people to nightlife. Hey everyone, I’m Izzy and I used to work with the amazing PartyWith team in Amsterdam. Today I write for them on Itinari. Finding a good party buddy can be harder than finding love. Agreed? Well, me and PartyWith are committed to making sure you’ll never party alone again!

De Tropen

De Tropen Bar at De Tropen Museum puts on its dance shoes and cocktail dress several times a week. Collectives like Madness Cr3w -the ones regularly turning clubs in Amsterdam upside down- have already thrown memorable parties at this unconventional high-class location. Lazy Sundays feature an eclectic musical selection, from the best Jazz DJs to House music Vinyl sets. Other early music nights include Future Beats and Hip Hop, and Thursday afternoon specials with DJ.


If you’re craving some epic beats and a spectacular show to see the biggest names in house music, then look no further than Panama Club. This venue is a multi-functional space, housing a nightclub, concert venue, lobby and restaurant all in one. Located in the northeast part of Amsterdam, just a stone’s throw from Central Station, it has an amazing view of the IJ River. The venue size accommodates 1050 people, which means there’s plenty of room to dance and jump to your favorite beat. A colourful dance floor accommodating all tastes. There are also nights catered to trance, techno, urban, the 80s, 90s and early 2000s.

© Photo by Panama via Facebook.


If you’re looking for an intimate vibe, then head over to Oosterbar. This cozy basement club boasts a lively night crowd looking to mingle, dance, and have a good time. Located under the Generator Hostel, the place gives an industrial, speakeasy atmosphere straight out of the New York’s roaring 20s. Some of the most cutting-edge DJs are experimenting with fresh beats and tunes to give you something new to dance to. On other days, you can find hip-hop, R&B, funk, soul, and house music also appealing to the more commercial dance floor crowds. The club boasts an array of premium cocktails, cold beers, and your favorite alcoholic drinks. Ditch the crowd, and join the cozy atmosphere at Oosterbar.

Amsterdam Roest

Roest is an Itinari Nightlife favourite. I already mentioned it in my article about Amsterdam's 5 Best Waterside Bars and Best Hangover Bars. This Industrial hang-out by the water fits many moods and purposes. They have pool-parties and beach-parties during summer time and you can hit the dance floor for great grooves on Friday and Saturday nights from 22:00. Check their agenda as the programme varies from Raggae, Afro Beats to House and Disco nights.

PartyWith tip: There's even space here to moor up if you prefer to arrive by boat. Roest also hosts amazing day and night parties during Amsterdam Dance Event.

© Photo credit by Adam Nowek via Flickr

R.I.P: Cruquiusgilde

For the sake of history and legacy, I couldn't possibly write a clubbing guide to Amsterdam East without mentioning Cruquiusgilde. This long-standing institution, warehouse converted club and performance arts hub, used to be one of the last free dancefloors and cultural freezone in Amsterdam.** Due to municipality regulations and gentrification, Cruquiusgilde as we once knew it, closed its doors with one last rave in June 2016. The collective has remained strong and continues to organise regular parties at BRET, IOSamsterdam** and other locations across the city (and on the canal).

To quote Resident Advisor's carefully chosen words, "Cruquiusgilde aimed to be a springboard for all those who did not join the mainstream."

Don't find what you're looking for? Check out my article about Am[sterdam's 7 Best Techno Clubs.](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/nightlife-the-7-best-techno-clubs-in-amsterdam-in-2017-w5h5)

An article curated with ❤ and 🍺 for PartyWith, the free app that connects people to nightlife.

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